The best summer destinations in the UK

Brighton Berto Garcia/Flickr

Brighton ©Berto Garcia/Flickr

Summer is usually the season of vacations. Children are free, on their holiday and parents also get a couple of weeks free. The question is: where to spend the vacation? If you’ve always dreamt of a visit to the astonishing United Kingdom, but you consider it more of a cultural place, perfect for sightseeing tours only, I have to tell you that you’re wrong. The UK can be a perfect summer destination as well.

There are numerous beaches and other sites to visit during summer months. Brighton, the fantastic Lake District, the mysterious Loch Ness, Dartmoor or the beautiful Cotswolds are just some of the best summer destinations in the UK. Besides these, there are numerous other ones. If you find this introduction convincing, read the following guide for more information.


With no doubt one of the most popular summer destinations in the UK is Brighton. Its location makes it very attractive for the residents of the capital city, as it is situated about an hour away from London.

Brighton is a famous seaside town among both residents of the UK and foreign visitors. It is famous for its pier which offers endless entertainment. With good restaurants, funfairs and excellent nightlife, Brighton is the perfect destination for everyone.

Brighton Berto Garcia/Flickr

Brighton ©Berto Garcia/Flickr

The Lake District

If you prefer pure nature instead of crowded beaches or noisy cities, your summer destination is the breathtaking Lake District. Also named “The Lakes”, this area is actually a national park which attracts more than 15 million of visitors every year. It is very popular among lovers of walking and cycling, also among photographers and painters. The Lake District is very famous for its natural beauty and rich wildlife.

Loch Ness

I am absolutely sure that you know the legend relating to the fascinating and mysterious Loch Ness in Scotland. Located in the Scottish Highlands, in picturesque setting, the largest lake of Scotland is one of the most visited natural sites in the UK. There are also numerous historic attractions in the surrounding area. And who knows? Maybe you will have the chance to see “Nessie” itself.

Loch Ness conner395/Flickr

Loch Ness ©conner395/Flickr


If you are an adept of hiking and biking, choose Dartmoor. It is a fantastic location for a summer holiday if you are not a passive traveler. It is important to mention that the weather gets dodgy many times, but if it doesn’t bother you and you are an adventurous tourist, Dartmoor will be your perfect destination.

The Cotswolds

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the fascinating Cotswolds is another popular summer destination in the UK. The area is actually made up of picturesque small towns and villages. The Cotswolds is a great destination for those interested in the English countryside and for those looking for a romantic destination.

Cotswold trout farm Pot Noodle/Flickr

Cotswold trout farm ©Pot Noodle/Flickr

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