The best tourist attractions in Manchester

Manchester is not only one of the historical cities of the UK, it is also a city that’s famous for its musical scene, and its sports. A combination like this is guaranteed to be successful, and indeed, Manchester has quite a few tricks up its sleeves for entertaining its visitors. The industrial past that used to make the city less attractive¬† has given place to a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Manchester city proper is not overly large, and it has several interesting sights that can be visited within a reasonable time frame, so if you are planning on a trip to this city, here are some of the best tourist attractions in Manchester.

The Wheel of Manchester

If London has its London Eye, then Manchester can boast of another very impressive Ferris wheel, the Wheel of Manchester, located in Exchange Square in the city center. The 60 meter tall wheel can transport around 40 passengers, but according to some recent rumour, the wheel might be replaced with an even bigger one: 120 meters tall. The ride is fun and it allows you to get a good view of the whole city.


photo by Andrea Sartorati

The area around George Street and Faulkner Street is Manchester’s East Asian part of the city, where you can find most of the Asian restaurants, ranging from Chinese and Japanese to Thai. There are many shops that trade in various imported goods. At night, Chinatwon is a burst of neon signs glowing in all the colors of the rainbow.

Manchester Cathedral

If you are looking for some historical/cultural attractions, you should pay a visit to Manchester Cathedral, an impressive Perpendicular Gothic building, parts of¬† which are dating back to the 15th century. The interior of the cathedral is richly decorated, and there’s a visitor center with some interesting displays and information on the history of the structure.

Parsonage Gardens

photo by zero

This small garden with a quaint atmosphere used to be (in the distant past) a village green, with the nearby The Old Cock pub acting as a coaching inn, the Old Parsonage housing people like Alderman Fletcher Moss, a hero of sorts of the city. It’s a nice place to relax and to think about how Manchester was like in older times. There are also a couple of green houses with orchids which are worth visiting.

Chetham’ Library

If you’re staying in Manchester for a longer holiday, then you should definitely pay a visit to Chetham’s Library, one of the best (if forgotten) tourist attractions in Manchester, the place where Marx and Engels frequently met for a chat while in Manchester. It is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and has a huge collection of old and rare books.

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