The best towns of Fife

Cupar War Memorial, photo by B4bees/Flickr

Fife is a county of Scotland. It is also named the Kingdom of Fife and is a very attractive area. Situated in the eastern part of Scotland, Fife is actually a peninsula, having a long coastline. Both the natural and cultural heritages are very attractive. As for the natural attractions, there are fantastic extinct volcanoes on the surface of the county, not to mention the fantastic coastline and several hills. The cultural heritage of Fife is represented by the numerous gorgeous towns and villages of it. In order to help you make a better image of Fife, in the following article there will be presented the best towns of the county.


It is the county town of Fife. The town is beautiful, being very attractive to tourists. There are several attractions in the lovely town of Cupar, such as historic buildings and monuments. The tourist attractions of the town include: the Watts of Cupar, the Preston Lodge, the Cupar War Memorial, the Hill of Tarvit and so on. The Watts of Cupar is a very popular restaurant and bar in the town. It can be found in the “Old Gaol” of the town. The building served as a jail during the 19th century. It is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 24:00 and from Thursday to Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00. (October 2012). The Hill of Tarvit is another great attraction of Cupar. It is a beautiful mansion house with fantastic gardens surrounding it.

Cupar War Memorial, photo by B4bees/Flickr


Being the administrative centre of the county, Glenrothes is also one of the most popular towns of Fife among tourists. There are numerous fantastic landmarks in Glenrothes, such as the “Giant Irises”, the Tullis Russell factory chimneys, the St Paul’s R.C. Church, the Balbirnie House Hotel, the River Leven Bridge and so on. Fantastic ancient stone circles can be found at Balfarg and Balbirnie. Other tourist attractions are several churches, artworks, sculptures and monuments.


Another spectacular settlement and one of the major towns of Fife is Dunfermlime. The town is beautiful, with numerous fantastic buildings, making it very attractive among visitors. Some of the magnificent buildings and also landmarks of Dunfermlime are the following: the Palace and Abbey, the Abbot House, Pittencrieff House Museum, the Guilhall. The beautiful Dunfermlime Abbey was constructed between 1128 and 1150. It was built in Romanesque style, being a very popular tourist attraction of the town.

Dunfermline Abbey,


Kirkcaldy is a former royal burgh in the county. The beautiful port town is home to three beautiful public parks, an art gallery, a museum, a theatre and so on. The Ravenscraig Castle, the Sailor’s Walk and the church of Old Kirk are other fantastic attractions of the town. The Kirkcaldy Town House is a gorgeous landmark of the town. It was constructed between 1937 and 1956.

Old Kirk,


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