The best UK attractions for spring travel

Chartwell, photo by Richard Howell

The UK is not known to have the harshest winters in Europe, but that doesn’t mean that the arrival of spring is not an occasion for people to get out of the house and enjoy the warm weather, sunshine and other outdoors attractions. Spring on the British Isles is a riot of colors, from the flowers that bloom by the millions in the countryside, to the fresh green grass and sometimes cloudless sky. If you visit the UK in spring, it is your chance to celebrate the renewal of nature by going outside and discovering some of the best UK attractions for spring travel.

The Cotswolds

There are moments during winter when the British countryside is pleasant and very picturesque, if rather chilly. When the villages and hills of the Cotswolds are covered by a carpet of snow, the area is simply magical. But less so when the winters are soggy rather than frozen, and you’d have to brave the cold as well as the mud. In spring, however, the winter gloom disappears from the Cotswolds, and you can see the region at its best, with vivid green grass and seas of daffodils and other spring flowers.

Royal Gardens, Buckingham Palace, London

Cotswolds, photo by Maurice Pullin

Each spring, the gardens at Buckingham Palace showcase the most beautiful blooms of the season. And luckily for your, they are not limited to the sight of queens and kings. In late spring the gardens, which are normally off limits to regular people, open to the public and you can admire the hundreds of species of plants that are carefully tended by royal gardeners for the viewing pleasures of the rich and highborn.

West Woods in Lockeridge, Wiltshire

In spring, the floors of many of the beautiful forests of the UK are covered with bluebells, so if you want to join all the other springtime hikers and walkers in their hunt for these delicate blue flowers, the easiest way to find them is in the West Woods at Lockeridge. The ancient woods are crisscrossed by well maintained paths, so you can admire the blue riot without any effort at all.

Chartwell, Westerham, Kent

West Wood, photo by Doug Lee

Spring is the perfect time of the year to visit some historic homes and mansions, and perhaps the best destination for this purpose is the lavish former home of Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine. Chartwell is a National Trust property and as picturesque (if not more so) then at the time when the Churchills lived there.

Hodsock Priory, Nottinghamshire

Hodsock Priory, a beautiful estate that is several centuries old, is one of the best UK attractions for spring travel, especially if you want to see thousands of snowdrop flowers peeking shyly from the grass. The Tudor gatehouse, well maintained gardens and forested estate are perfect for a walk in the balmy spring air.

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