The best university towns in the UK


The universities of the United Kingdom are famous all over the world for the excellent education they provide, but it’s not just that. There’s something about British universities that makes them alluring, be it their age (some of them are more than 8 centuries old!) or their mysterious atmosphere – after all, who can resist all those medieval – 19th century buildings? Even if you’re past the age of university, there’s much to see in some of the best university towns in the  UK, not only because of the universities themselves, but also because they are as lively and exciting as can be.

Oxford, Oxforshire

Oxford is the UK university town, famous all over the world, especially seeing as it is one of the best universities in the UK, and the world. It is also the oldest university in the country, having been founded in the 12th century. The city of Oxford is a combination of modern buildings and gothic spires, and it has a very active cultural life and nightlife. The city center is  absolutely astounding, with its narrow paved streets, and there are tons of amazing museums to visit as well.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

If Oxford is mentioned somewhere, Cambridge follows soon behind, and for good reason, since Cambridge is the second oldest university in the UK, and on par with Oxford when it comes to academic excellent. The city of Cambridge is a moderately sized university center with some truly amazing architecture and lots of activities for visitors. The colleges are worth visiting, as well as the many picturesque parks and gardens.

St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

St Andrews University in Scotland is the third oldest in the UK, and a very pretty little town which attracts as many visitors as students. The university campus is beautiful and definitely worth visiting, however, the main attraction of St Andrews are its golf courses (there’s even a golf museum in the town). Historical sights abound in St Andrews, and there are lots of artistic activities to do in town.

Glasgow, Clydeside, Scotland

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland, and home to the UK’s fourth oldest university. Glasgow has had it well throughout history, and the city’s wealth in the past left a legacy of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian buildings in the city center. Modern architecture is also seen in large amounts in the city (Glasgow was named City of Architecture and Design in 1999), and there are numerous art galleries and museums too.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Queen’s University in Belfast was founded in the 19th century, and it has quickly risen to the top of UK academia,and it is also one of the best university towns in the UK. The city has a troubled past, but now it is one of the safest and most attractive cities in the United Kingdom. There are lots of historic buildings in Belfast, but overall the city has a raw, urban energy that makes it fun to explore.

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