The best urban destinations in Staffordshire

Lichfield ell brown/Flickr

Lichfield ©ell brown/Flickr

Staffordshire is a beautiful county in central England, in the region named West Midlands. The county is characterized by astonishing natural beauty and an abundant cultural heritage, including beautiful castles, museums, cathedrals and other sights. There are also numerous wonderful cities and towns within the borders of the county which are with no doubt worth visiting destinations. If you are planning a journey to this region and you are interested in the best urban destinations in Staffordshire, read the following guide. Some of the most beautiful cities of the county are the following: Stoke-on-Trent, Stafford, Lichfield, Cannock, Burton upon Trent and others.


Stoke-on-Trent is actually an independent unitary authority. The city is the major center of the pottery industry of England. There are numerous landmarks and visitor attractions which make this city a great urban travel destination. Some of the best sites are the following: the Potteries Museum & Art Galleries, Trentham Gardens, the Town Hall, Tunstall Tower Square and others. Besides, the famous Alton Towers Resort is situated only about ten miles from the city.

Potteries Museum & Art Galleries in Stoke-on-Trent Futurilla/Flickr

Potteries Museum & Art Galleries in Stoke-on-Trent ©Futurilla/Flickr


The county town is the beautiful Stafford. It is a very attractive city which houses numerous worth visiting sites and landmarks. England’s largest timber-framed town house can be found here, in Stafford. It is named the Ancient High House. Stafford Castle, Stafford Shire Hall, the Shugborough Hall, St. Mary’s Church and St. Chad’s Church are just some of the best attractions of the city.


The wonderful cathedral city of Lichfield is another important tourist destination. It is home to innumerable cultural sights. Some of the most wonderful attractions of the city are: Lichfield Cathedral, Garrick Theatre, the Guildhall, Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum, the Church of St. Chad and so on. It is a truly wonderful city which makes a perfect urban destination for tourists.

Lichfield ell brown/Flickr

Lichfield ©ell brown/Flickr


Cannock is a smaller town in Staffordshire. It is a beautiful town which can be your favorite destination. The highlight of the surrounding area is the Cannock Chase, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is a very attractive natural site which is actually a mixed area of countryside.

Burton upon Trent

Burton upon Trent or Burton is a town famous for its brewing industry. The major attraction of the town is Burton on Trent Abbey around which the town was actually built. The town used to be an important religious centre. Another attraction of Burton is Burton Bridge. St. Paul’s Parish Church, the National Brewery Centre, Cooper’s Square and St. Chad’s Church are further visitor attractions of the town.

Burton upon Trent quinet/Flickr

Burton upon Trent ©quinet/Flickr

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