The best World Heritage Sites in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle Lisa_Nichols/Flickr

Edinburgh Castle ©Lisa_Nichols/Flickr

One of the most beautiful historic regions of the United Kingdom, Scotland is a very attractive tourist destination. With several natural and cultural wonders, Scotland is worldwide famous among travelers, especially for those who are looking for unique culture. In some of the previous guides I have already presented you some magnificent visitor attractions and cities in Scotland.

Below I will present you the best World Heritage Sites in Scotland. There are five fantastic such sites of both cultural and natural importance. These are the following: Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns, the Antonine Wall, New Lanark, the beautiful St. Kilda Archipelago and the “Heart of Neolithic Orkney”.

Edinburgh’s Old and New Towns

The Scottish capital city, Edinburgh is one of the most visited destinations of the country. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh were inscribed at the same time on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1996. Both include some fascinating landmarks: the Old Town is home to the famous Edinburgh Castle, the beautiful Holyrood Palace and the Royal Mile which actually runs between the two previously mentioned landmarks. Other notable buildings in the Old Town are St. Giles’ Cathedral, the University of Edinburgh and so on. As for the New Town, the most popular street of it is the Princes Street and it is home to wonderful Georgian and Neoclassical buildings.

Edinburgh Castle Lisa_Nichols/Flickr

Edinburgh Castle ©Lisa_Nichols/Flickr

The Antonine Wall

Inscribed time on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 2008, the Antonine Wall runs across Scotland’s Central Belt. It was built during the Roman times and served as the northernmost frontier of the Empire. The wall is not as well preserved than the southern Hadrian’s Wall, but it is still a major visitor attraction.

The Antonine Wall eisaru/Flickr

The Antonine Wall ©eisaru/Flickr

New Lanark

The village of New Lanark is famous for its several mills and historic buildings which were restored in 2006. Since then the village has become a major tourist destination. Inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 2001, New Lanark is very attractive for visitors. The mills and buildings make it an excellent destination for the lovers of rural life and peaceful atmosphere.

New Lanark GOC53/Flickr

New Lanark ©GOC53/Flickr

St. Kilda Archipelago

The wonderful islands which compose the archipelago of St. Kilda are famous for their wildlife and scenic landscapes. The islands are home to a Biosphere Reserve and numerous prehistoric buildings and medieval villages. Visiting St. Kilda is with no doubt an unforgettable experience.

The “Heart of Neolithic Orkney”

The fifth World Heritage Site of Scotland, the “Heart of Neolithic Orkney” includes some Neolithic monuments which are situated on one of the islands composing Orkney Islands. It includes the Standing Stones of Stenness, Maeshowe, Skara Brae and the Ring of Brodgar.

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