The most beautiful lochs in Scotland

Loch Maree, photo by Jerry Sharp

There are many lakes on the British Isles, but in Scotland you have lochs – an old Goidelic word that makes lake or sea inlet. Lochs come in many shapes, depths and sizes, some are made famous by their monsters (the ever popular Loch Ness), while others by their natural beauty. The Scottish countryside is home to countless beautiful lakes that should be permanently on a traveler’s radar, not only because they are great natural sights, but because they offer an array of outdoor activities. If you need to get away from the city for a time, the lochs of Scotland will offer you nice scenery, fresh air, and things to keep you busy. Here are some of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland.

Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye

The beauty of Loch Coruisk has been sung by poets and depicted by painters, and this loch tucked away in the most impressive mountains of Scotland, the Black Cuillin, is one of the most unforgettable places you’ll ever get to see. The ragged ranges of the Cuillin can be seen perfectly from the shores of the lake. One of the most famous attractions of Coruisk is its colony of seals – take a boat trip from Elgol to the loch to enjoy its scenic beauty as well as possible.

Loch Eilt, Lochaber, Highlands

Loch Leven, photo by Nigel Brown

Fans of the Harry Potter film series might recognize Loch Eilt, which was a filming location for the second and third third movies. But you don’t have to be a movie buff to enjoy an outing at this beautiful lake in the Highlands, surrounded by green rolling hills. The loch has several islets overgrown with ancient pines, which create an atmosphere that is almost magical.

Loch Leven, Perth and Kinross

Loch Leven’s shores are home to the picturesque little town of Kinross, and to the majestic Leven Castle, but even without these attractions the loch would attract visitors through its natural beauty alone. There are seven islands on this rather large loch, one of which is the burial ground of the MacDonalds of Glencoe and the Camerons of Callart.

Loch Maree, Northwest Highlands

Loch Coruisk, photo by Rob Bradford

Loch Maree is the fourth largest loch in Scotland, and near the sea, but it is still very remote and sees very little tourism. Loch Maree is not only one of the most beautiful lochs in Scotland, but also an undiscovered tourist gem, and the only loch in the country that has an island which also has a loch with an island in the middle. Isle Maree is home to the remains of Applecross Abbey and ancient stands of oak and holly linked to Scottish druids. Like Loch Ness, Loch Maree has a monster, called Muc-sheilche.


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