The most impressive examples of English Gothic architecture

York Minster’s west facade ©Simon Cocks/Flickr

The English Gothic architectural style dominated the period between 1180 and 1520. Perhaps the most impressive examples of English Gothic architecture are England’s medieval cathedrals. Besides, there are outstanding palaces, castles and other immense buildings which wear the characteristics of this style. Important examples of this style are several parish churches, too. If you are a fan of architecture, this article was written to you. Read on to find out which are the most beautiful English Gothic buildings of the United Kingdom. Visiting any of these will surely make an unforgettable experience especially for those who love the architecture.

Salisbury Cathedral

The Salisbury Cathedral was built between 1220 and 1258. This period corresponds with the English Gothic style’s Early English Period. With the exception of the spire and the tower, the entire building wears the characteristics of the respective style. It is considered one of the most impressive and most representative examples of English Gothic architecture. With such fantastic features as Lancet windows, the oldest working clock of the world and an original copy of the Magna Carta, the cathedral is an extremely popular attraction of Salisbury.

The nave of Salisbury Cathedral ©

York Minster

An outstanding example of Decorated Gothic style, a division of English Gothic, is the spectacular York Minster. The western façade of the minster is the most representative part of it wearing the characteristics of Decorated Gothic. The major feature of the west front is the main window’s spectacular and elaborated tracery. Its chapter house and nave are also fine examples of the respective style. The choir wears the characteristics of the later Perpendicular Gothic. The cathedral presents outstanding decorations, being a major attraction of York.

York Minster’s west facade ©Simon Cocks/Flickr

Gloucester Cathedral

One of the most impressive examples of Perpendicular Gothic is Gloucester Cathedral. It includes some features of every division of English Gothic style. Its interior is breathtaking with the Perpendicular tracery of the choir, the impression of stone and glass “cage” and so on. The cathedral is a magnificent attraction of the city.

Canterbury Cathedral

The well-known Canterbury Cathedral’s western transepts, its nave and crossing tower are outstanding example of English Gothic style. It is one of the oldest Christian buildings in the United Kingdom. The cathedral needed rebuilding after a fire in 1174. It was rebuilt using the features of Gothic style. Today it is part of a World Heritage Site.

Canterbury Cathedral ©

Bath Abbey

The beautiful city of Bath is home to another gorgeous example of English Gothic style, Bath Abbey. It is considered one of the Perpendicular Gothic’s largest examples in England. Including outstanding monuments, bells, sculptures and windows, the abbey is one of the major landmarks and visitor attractions in the city of Bath.


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