The most popular museums in London

British Museum, photo by Heather Kennedy

People come to London for all sorts of reasons: to shop, admire the sights, hang out in a pub, or dive head on into the UK capital’s legendary nightlife. However, just as many people come to London to take a peek into its prestigious museums, galleries and scientific institutes as well. A trip to London can be like a crash course in art, culture, history or science, depending on which museums you feel like visiting. There are lots of offbeat and quirky museums around as well, and they are definitely visiting if you’d like to see something funny or unusual, but if you want to follow the crowds and see what everybody wants to see, then check out some of the most popular museums in London.

British Museum

Possible the greatest and most famous UK museum in the world, the British Museum definitely lives up to the hype. The museum was established in 1753 and it is considered one of the world’s greatest museums of human culture and civilization. Its permanent collection is the largest in the world, comprising artifacts from every part of the planet, from the beginnings of humanity to the present. The British Museum is huge and it’s impossible to see it in one day, but it is thankfully free so you can come back as many times as you wish.

National Gallery

National Gallery, photo by **Maurice** on Flickr

The National Gallery, founded in 1823, houses over 2300 paintings from the 13th century to 1900, all of which belong to the public of the Unted Kingdom, which means that entry to the gallery is free. Compared to other national galleries in Europe, the collection is rather small, but what it lacks in size it makes up in quality. All the major developments in European art area featured in the gallery, from Renaissance painters to impressionists.

Tate Modern

Fans of modern art will have a great time admiring the extensive collection of the Tate Modern, one of the most visited museums in the UK, and more than that, the most popular modern art gallery in the world. The gallery houses a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art from all over the world. Some of the most famous artists featured in the gallery are Matisse, Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Anish Kapoor.

Natural History Museum

Science Museum, photo by Heather Cowper

The five main collections of the Natural History Museum contain more than 70 million items, the most famous of which are the dinosaur skeletons – the replica of a Diplodocus skeleton that occupies the central hall is quite famous! In addition to its famous collections of botany, mineralogy, entomology, paleontology and zoology, the museum is also a very well respected center for research.

Science Museum

Science geeks like have a blast at the world famous Science Museum, one of the most popular museums in London, free to visit for everyone. There are all sorts of interesting exhibits, like the oldest steam engine in the world, Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine or the fabulous Clock of the Long Now that can keep the time for 10,000 years.

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