The most romantic destinations in the UK

Trees in the Lake District tejvanphotos/Flickr

Trees in the Lake District ©tejvanphotos/Flickr

Spring is here and love is in the air…As the temperature gets warmer, everyone thinks of long walks in the green nature, especially the lovers. As an idea for a great spring holiday, I suggest you to visit the UK. It is abundant is picturesque and romantic destinations. Some of the most romantic destinations in the UK are the following: the Cotswolds, Windsor, Anglesey, the Lake District and Edinburgh. Choosing any of these will surely make a perfect romantic getaway for you and your partner.

In case you find this introduction convincing and you are ready to make a journey to the United Kingdom, I think you should read this guide before traveling. It will surely help you with some useful information. 


The Cotswolds is actually a breathtaking range of hills considered one of the most romantic destinations of the UK. Situated in west-central England, the hills were designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which is not surprising at all. Being home to picturesque small towns and villages, the Cotswolds is one of the top tourist destinations in England.

As some of the highlights and most romantic attractions of the area are the wonderful historic buildings such as castles, churches, stately homes and also some beautiful gardens. Walk in these beautiful gardens and discover all of its fantastic sights.


The world famous Windsor Castle is with no doubt one of the most romantic sights of the UK. It can be found in the romantic town of Windsor, in Berkshire. Situated in the Thames River, the town attracts dozens of visitors with its picturesque landscapes and wonderful attractions.

Walk in the romantic castle’s gardens or opt for a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride. Than visit the picturesque Savill Gardens which is also very romantic, one of the most beautiful of its kind.  

Windsor Castle pdbree/Flickr

Windsor Castle ©pdbree/Flickr


In case you associate romanticism with beaches, you can not miss a visit to the less crowded Anglesey Island. It is a wonderful romantic place to visit. Walking along scenic beaches is one of the most romantic activities. The fantastic Newborough Forest also makes a romantic attraction of Anglesey.

The Lake District

As one of the most popular tourist destinations of the UK, the fascinating Lake District also makes a great romantic destination. Characterized by beautiful mountains, astonishing vegetation, wonderful lakes, romantic pubs and great hiking trails, the area is a must for nature-lovers.

The region offers some great options for your entertainment such as exploring the small villages, visiting some wonderful gardens, sailing on the fantastic lakes, trekking, fishing and others.

Trees in the Lake District tejvanphotos/Flickr

Trees in the Lake District ©tejvanphotos/Flickr


In case you prefer romantic sightseeing tours instead of wandering in nature, choose one of the United Kingdom’s most romantic cities – Edinburgh. The historic city attracts thousands and maybe even millions of visitors with its astonishing tourist attractions and unique atmosphere. With beautiful churches and castles, it is a must for the lovers of architecture.

View over Edinburgh kyz/Flickr

View over Edinburgh ©kyz/Flickr

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