The most spectacular views in Great Britain

Ardnamurchan beach view

Ardnamurchan coast ©Grynneman/Flickr

Great Britain is a country of natural and man-made wonders, the landscape is wonderful and the cities and towns are filled with beautiful historical monuments. Now, what is a better way to observe such beauty than climbing somewhere high and enjoy the amazing scenery

Let Jamie Oliver invite you to see Britain via the nice video right below and let me provide you with some of the most spectacular views in Great Britain – or at least a little foretaste.

The London Eye, London

In the last few years the Eye has become one of the main attractions in London. It perfectly combines a wonderful ferris wheel ride with offering some of the best views over the capital for 30 minutes.

View from the London Eye

View from the London Eye ©swimparallel/Flickr

On a clear day you can see as far as some 25 miles, you might even take a look at the Windsor Castle from the London Eye. What you will surely see is St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and numerous other London landmarks.

Seven Sisters, Sussex

You surely saw images of the epic white cliffs in Southern England as they proudly stand against the waves of the sea. Now the Seven Sisters, the gems of Sussex are – I think – the most beautiful of them all.

They tall white rocks are among the top natural wonders in Britain, if you want to know why, just go to Seaford Head, one of the most breathtaking lookouts in the country.

Three Cliffs Bay, South Wales

It is difficult to describe the beauty of Three Cliffs Bay in words. The half-circular view includes spots of white sand beach,  raw cliffs and spots of marsh. It is as magical as the country of Wales itself.

Three Cliffs Bay, Wales

Three Cliffs Bay ©Sylvatica Photo Prints/Flickr

It is really worth it to stay at the campsite at Three Cliffs Bay and wake up early to see the landscape in the morning at sunrise, it is something you will never forget!

Ardnamurchan, Western Scotland

There is only one road leading up to Ardnamurchan and it is as mysterious and beautiful as all the rest of Scotland.

Go along the coast from Arisaig to Morar and you will think you are in the land of the fairy tales, the beach and the blue water are unbelievable and you can see the as far as the Inner Hebrides if the weather is good.

Ardnamurchan beach view

Ardnamurchan coast ©Grynneman/Flickr

Some of the above are the among the most famous places in Britain but you can also find some hidden gems, yet unspoiled and all yours to discover!

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