The top highlights of the Gower Peninsula

Swansea Bay kevinzim/Flickr

Swansea Bay ©kevinzim/Flickr

The beautiful Gower Peninsula is situated in Wales. It is famous for being the first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Britain. Today it still attracts thousands of visitors. The area includes numerous sights and highlights which are with no doubt worth visiting. For instance there are six beautiful castles on the peninsula and numerous outstanding beaches which drag innumerable visitors yearly. Some of the top highlights of the Gower Peninsula are the following: the Oystermouth Castle, Penrice Castle, Swansea Bay with its gorgeous beaches, Caswell Bay and Langland Bay. Read on to find out more about these fantastic sights.

Oystermouth Castle

One of the six beautiful castles on the peninsula is the Oystermouth Castle. The astonishing Norman stone castle actually overlooks the other highlight of the peninsula – the beautiful Swansea Bay. The ruined castle was built during the 12th century. It was currently renovated and reopened to visitors in 2011. The castle is a beautiful sight of the peninsula, situated near the village of Mumbles. It is absolutely worth visiting.

Oystermouth Castle pikeman180/Flickr

Oystermouth Castle ©pikeman180/Flickr

Penrice Castle

Another beautiful castle on the Gower Peninsula is the Penrice Castle. The remains of the castle stand near a beautiful 18th century mansion, so both the attractions can be visited at the same time. The stone castle used to be a large hexagon-shaped structure. The mansion near the castle was built in the 1770’s and with its wonderful gardens, it is a Grade I listed sight.

Swansea Bay

The famous Swansea Bay makes the perfect holiday destination for many tourists. The bay is very popular due to its beautiful sandy beaches which are the following: Swansea Beach, Mumbles Beach, Aberavon Beach, Jersey Marine Beach and so on. Also popular in Victorian times, the gorgeous Swansea Beach attracts dozens of tourists today, too. If you would like to have a great beach holiday somewhere in Wales, this is the right choice.

Swansea Bay kevinzim/Flickr

Swansea Bay ©kevinzim/Flickr

Caswell Bay

Another popular seaside resort is the gorgeous Caswell Bay. The resort is a perfect destination for the adepts of surfing. There is also a recreational park here the natural environment is picturesque. The western end of Caswell Bay is bordered by the Redley Cliff which is a famous landmark of the area.  

Langland Bay

Last, but not least attractive is the astonishing Langland Bay. It is very popular on the Gower Peninsula. The seaside resort attracts numerous tourists each year. It is considered one of the best beaches of the UK for practicing surfing. Other outdoor activities offered to the visitors are: fishing, playing golf and tennis. It is with no doubt a great choice in case you want a memorable holiday.

Langland Bay Thomas Guest/Flickr

Langland Bay ©Thomas Guest/Flickr

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