The top tourist attractions in Wales

St. David’s Cathedral *therovingsheep/Flickr

St. David’s Cathedral ©*therovingsheep/Flickr

As one of the United Kingdom’s countries, the beautiful Wales is an astonishing region. It can be named the “land of the castles” as it is home to numerous fascinating such buildings. Besides castles, Wales is also home to several other visitor attractions, including cathedrals, national parks, museums, gardens and others. Its capital, Cardiff is also a premier tourist destination, including several landmarks and visitor attractions. In case you find this introduction convincing and you would like to make a visit to this wonderful country, I suggest you to read the following guide first. Below I will present you the top tourist attractions in Wales.

Snowdonia National Park

As one of the most breathtaking and most visited national parks of the United Kingdom, Snowdonia is an excellent tourist attraction of Wales.

The largest national park of Wales attracts a large number of visitors yearly with its fascinating natural attractions, including about 100 lakes, breathtaking mountain peaks, moors and even a pristine coastline. The park got its name from the highest mountain of Wales – Mount Snowdon and it awaits its visitors with several outdoor activities.

Snowdonia National Park tfengreen/Flickr

Snowdonia National Park ©tfengreen/Flickr

Cardiff National Museum

One of Wales’ museums, the famous Cardiff National Museum is a very popular tourist attraction in the Welsh capital city. It includes fantastic collections of natural history, art, geology and archeology. Its art collection is considered one of the finest on the continent. A visit to this popular tourist attraction is surely a remarkable experience. The entry is free.

Cardiff Castle

Another attraction of the capital city is the beautiful Cardiff Castle. With 2.000 years of history, the castle is extremely popular among tourists. Visit this extraordinary building and enjoy the picturesque views over the city and its surroundings. There is an Interpretation Centre here which helps you to understand the history of the castle.  

Cardiff Castle fuzzytnth3/Flickr

Cardiff Castle ©fuzzytnth3/Flickr

St. David’s Cathedral

One of the most important historic buildings of Chritendom, the beautiful St. David’s Cathedral is famous for housing the burial of the patron saint of Wales – St. David. It is a popular place of pilgrimage. There is even a festival named St. David’s Cathedral Festival which occurs every May and June. I suggest you not to miss it.

St. David’s Cathedral *therovingsheep/Flickr

St. David’s Cathedral ©*therovingsheep/Flickr

Caernarfon Castle

The astonishing UNESCO World Heritage Site, Caernarfon Castle is another top tourist attraction of Wales. Gwynedd’s surroundings are homes to several beautiful castles. Perhaps the most beautiful one is the Caernarfon Castle. It is also considered one of the continent’s most beautiful medieval fortresses. There are great displays and exhibitions in the castle presenting its history.

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