The tourist attractions on Liverpool

Royal Liver Building, photo by thy on Flickr

Liverpool is more often than not associated with football and music (after all, it is the hometown of FC Liverpool, and famous British bands like Echo and the Bunnymen or the Beatles), but nightlife, shopping and music is not all that recommends this amazing city. Liverpool has always been a city of culture, and it can boast of a really exciting history as a port city. The city has amazing museums, monuments, and landmarks, so sightseeing around Liverpool can take some time if you want to see all the best spots. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Liverpool, if you don’t know where to start your sightseeing tour.

Royal Liver Building

If there’s one building that can be considered to be Liverpool’s icon, then it must be the impressive Royal Liver Building on the Pier Head, a Grade I Listed building and part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building was opened in 1911, and it was the headquarters of the Royal Liver Assurance group. The building is supposedly home to two Liver Birds, symbols of Liverpool, who watch over the city.

World Museum Liverpool

The Beatles Story, photo by nyaa_birdies_perch on Flickr

If you are in need of a free attraction where you can while away the afternoon, visit the excellent World Museum Liverpool, which has very interesting exhibits ranging from archaeology to natural and physical sciences. The displays on British rocketry are very interesting, and the museum also hosts the largest Egyptology collection outside of London.

The Beatles Story

The Beatles are famous worldwide, and they come from Liverpool, so it’s only natural that there should be a museum dedicated to the band in their hometown. The Beatles Story is the only entirely Beatles themed museum in the world, and it chronicles the band’s rise to fame, their life and time, music and the culture built around their songs and albums. There are various memorabilia on display that fans will adore!

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Williamson's Tunnels, photo by london road on Flickr

As a port of the Irish sea, Liverpool has a rich maritime history, which you can learn about at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. There are several very interesting ships on display, as well as exhibits pertaining to immigration to the New World, transatlantic slave trade, and even the ill-fated Titanic (many of the ship’s crew were from Liverpool).

Williamson’s Tunnels

Joseph Williamson, a wealthy Liverpudlian tobacco merchant, built a huge network of tunnels under Liverpool in the 19th century. Williamson was an eccentric, and his reasons for building the tunnels are still a mystery, but some historians speculate that Williamson wanted to provide jobs to the poor without making them feel like charity cases.

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