Things to do in London on rainy days

photo by Heather Kennedy

The UK has notoriously bad weather, and although the stories about British rain are often worse than the actual weather, there are quite a few rainy days in the year, that much is true. So, given the wet weather conditions, London is a city well equipped for offering entertainment even when there’s a downpour. With its wealth of museums, galleries, pubs and other exciting venues where you can take shelter from the rain, you won’t be bothered by the weather at all! So here are some things to do in London on rainy days.

British Museum

Come rain or shine, the British Museum always has something new to show you. The museum is large enough that it takes weeks to visit all of it, and besides, they get new stuff once in a while in case you’ve already seen it all. There’s an incredible variety of exhibits in the British Museum, all connected to human history and civilization: things brought by James Cook from his expeditions, archaeological artifacts from North Africa, Asian art and many other things.

London Dungeon

When it rains, instead of brightening up your day, why not make an incursion into London’s gruesome side? You will be give a tour of the most macabre times in London’s history, reenacted in a grimly comedic style. The attractions in the dungeon are a mix of live performances by costumed actors, thrill rides and special effects.

Madame Tussauds

The most famous wax museum in the world has its main, original branch in London, and it’s dating back to 1835. The museum started out as a place to display wax figures which were uncannily similar to their famous models, and the modern wax statues are so lifelike that it’s almost eerie.

Cabinet War Rooms

The once-secret, underground base of operations of Winston Churchill was the place where much of the fate of WWII was decided. Documents and objects which were used in the cabinet during the war were preserved more or less in their original state. The Cabinet War Rooms is part of the larger Churchill War Rooms, which also include the Churchill Museum, a biographical museum exploring the life of Winston Churchill.

Hide in a pub

If you’re in a lazy mood, or you’ve already visited all the indoor sights in London that you were curious about, then pick a cozy, darkened pub and wait until the rain stops in a pub, sipping a nice cup of tea and reading a good book. Sample the pub grub, which might not seem like the healthiest choice around, but is certainly delicious and filling.

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