Tips to study English in Britain

English course classroom Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr

English course classroom ©Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr

Great Britain is an excellent tourist destination, being home to innumerable fascinating landmarks. The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive countries of the world. From historic cities to cultural landmarks, from world renowned museums to amazing natural wonders, from Neolithic sites to wonderful islands, Great Britain is home to a large variety of sights.

Besides, British culture is also very attractive for visitors. Many tourists would like to get in touch with British culture. How can you do it? You can visit the British museums, art galleries, go to theatres or you can also study English in Britain. Hundreds or even thousands of students arrive here yearly to study in the United Kingdom. If you want to study English, why not doing it in the UK?

Unique culture

In case you would like to have a great cultural experience, spend a little time in the UK and enroll in an English course. Enjoy the outstanding British heritage, history, theatre, customs, restaurants, nightlife, fashion and shopping while you make part of an English learning group. Keep learning not only inside, but outside the classroom, too. Make conversations with local people at a market, a shop, a restaurant or everywhere else.

Students at English course Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr

Students at English course ©Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr


It is no question that quality is guaranteed at every accredited English language centre. You will be helped by professional teachers, easing your study with fantastic methods. But studying English at a language centre won’t guarantee you rapid language acquisition. You will have to practice speaking outside the classroom, too.


The United Kingdom offers not only one, but 4 different countries where you can study English. Choose from a variety of exciting locations, including huge cities or quite villages. There are thousands of English language courses on offer all across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

English course centre Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr

English course centre ©Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr

English courses

In the United Kingdom you can choose a course which suits to your age group, ability or ambitions.

In terms of age group: There are offered courses for all ages: specifically for children, for teenagers and for adults of different ages;

In terms of ability: As it is obvious, you can choose a course for your level of ability: beginner, intermediate or advanced learners.

In terms of ambitions: Besides age and ability, you can also choose a general English course or one with a particular focus. You may want to do a business English course or study to be an English teacher. Besides, you can also combine English with different other subject like tourism, art, fashion, science or even football.

English course classroom Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr

English course classroom ©Shane Global Language Centres/Flickr



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