Top 10 free things to do in London

British Museum, photo by Heather Kennedy

Everyone knows that London is outrageously expensive and that you need a hefty bank account to be able to enjoy it, right? Well, this is a popular misconception about the UK capital. London is by no means a cheap city to live in, but as a tourist it is possible to experience the best of it even if you are not prepared to sacrifice your savings. The fun part about London is that there is always something to do in the city, and often for free. From various activities to famous landmarks and museums, the top 10 free things to do in London offer a great budget alternative to more money-consuming activities like shopping or going out.

Visit the museums

There are several great free museums in London, including the world famous British Museum and Tate Modern. You can spend several days exploring them, depending on how interested you are in what they have on offer. The Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the National Portrait Gallery are some other free museums that are a must-see.

Watch movies

London Gypsy Orchestra at the Notting Hill Arts Club, photo by escribileamauro on Flickr

Fancy a free evening at the cinema? The Roxy, a bar on Borough High Street has free movie screenings Sunday through Wednesday, and for the price of a drink you can watch classics and genre movies alike.

The Changing of the Guard

The guards of Buckingham Palace are some of the most iconic symbols of London, and you can watch the whole ceremony of the changing of the guards every day at 11:30 in summer, and every other day in winter.

Listen to the choir at Westminster Abbey

One of the most important attractions in London can be visited for free if you drop by in time for the Evensong, during which you can listen to the choir singing too! The evening prayer takes place at 5:30 PM.

Visit the Speaker’s Corner

The Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park is a paved area close to Marble Arch where every Sunday people come to speak their minds – it is a place for debate on any subject you can think of. Everyone can turn up and start speaking about whatever they wish, with the risk of being heckled by the audience.

Walk along the South Bank of Thames

So many of the most famous landmarks of London can be seen from the South Bank that a walk along the river is obligatory. Big Ben, the House of the Parliament, the Tower Bridge and the London Eye can be seen this way.

Go to a free concert

Tower Bridge, photo by Trodel

If you are interested in classical, jazz or folk music, you can go to one of the free concerts at the National Theater, in the Djanogly Concert Pitch. Concerts take place Monday to Saturday at 5:45 PM.

Watch street performers

Hanging at the West Piazza of the Covent Garden Market is definitely one of the top 10 free things to do in London if you like street performance. Every afternoon, licensed street performers entertain the crowds gathered in the square.

Watch a trial

Do you like police procedurals and lawyer shows? Then watch a trial at the Old Bailey, one of the oldest criminal courts in Europe, and the most famous one in the UK, dealing with major cases in the Greater London area.

Go out at the Notting Hill Arts Club

For more than a decade, Notting Hill Arts Club has been the best place in London to see the city’s best music acts. On Saturdays from 5 PM to 8 PM you can attend a free concert – great bands, some famous and some less so.



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