Top 10 outdoor activities in London

London is a city like no other, where you can’t get bored even if you tried. All the pubs, restaurants, shops and museums in London can keep you entertained for days and even weeks, but if you are a person who prefers the outdoors, then you won’t have to give up on your preference for the world outside of buildings. London is a great place even for outdoorsy people, and there are lots of activities for visitors to do while in the UK’s capital. So if you’re wondering what to do during your next visit, here are the top 10 outdoor activities in London.

1. Skating

Every Friday night, the streets of London are invaded by thousands of rollerbladers who join into a procession departing from Wellington Arch at 8 PM. It’s great fun, and it’s free!

2. Films at Somerset House

The courtyard of Somerset House, one of the most elegant buildings on the Strand, turns into a venue for free movie screenings, concerts and art events in summer.

3. Birdwatching

Birdwatchers can actually indulge in their hobby in London, more precisely at the London Wetland Centre. Between 11 AM and 2 PM there is a free tour of the park.

4. Golfing

There are several excellent golf courses in London, but one of the nicest in Alexandra Palace. Although not the largest, it has the best view of the London Skyline.

5. Kayaking

One of the best kayaking spots in the city is at West Reservoir Centre, a not very well known watersport centre where you can even sign up for kayaking courses, and try a free kayaking session.

6. Walking in Hampstead Heath

The rambling, hilly Hampstead Heath has been a popular place with walkers for ages. There are sports facilities and athletic tracks too, as well as plenty of wildlife to spy on.

7. Fly a kite

Richmond Park is an excellent location for many sports, but especially for kiting and power kiting. If kiting is too mundane for you, try power kiting – being pulled by a kite while wearing skates or standing in a buggy.

8. Changing the guard

One of the unmissable experiences in London is watching the ceremony of guard changing at Buckingham Palace. The whole ritual takes place every day in summer.

9. Free street music

London is the place where up and coming artists come to be discovered, and you’ll find loads of talented musicians playing on the streets for some change and perhaps a record deal.

10. Tyburn Trail

The Thames is not the only running water in London, there’s the Tyburn too, a modestly sized stream which runs underground. You can follow the trail of the stream above ground through Saint James’s Park and the Green Park.

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