Top 3 convincing reasons to visit Blackpool

Blackpool Tower from the Central Pier, photo by Ingy The Wingy/Flickr

Blackpool is a fantastic seaside town which is considered one of the best seaside resorts in the United Kingdom. It is situated in Lancashire, in the north-western part of England. The town is very popular among tourists for its spectacular resort and amusement park named Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It is one of the most visited amusement parks in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. This isn’t the only attraction of the town. The Grand Theatre is also a very famous attraction in Blackpool, not to mention the fantastic festivals and events. The most popular of these are the Blackpool Illuminations and the Blackpool Dance Festival.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The worldwide famous amusement park is under private ownership. It is the United Kingdom’s most visited amusement park. Blackpool Pleasure Beach can be found on the Fylde coast. Visiting the park is undoubtedly a great day out for the whole family. The children will simply adore it. There are about 40 rides and different kind of attractions on the grounds of the park. Twelve of these are fantastic roller coasters of which many are worldwide famous. There are also different classic or modern rides in the park. If you got hungry after trying some of the fantastic rides, you can have a delicious meal at any of the numerous restaurants of the park. Besides the restaurants, there are many food stalls and cafés here.

Roller Coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, photo by Roller Coaster Philosophy/Flickr


Major attractions

Besides the fantastic Backpool Pleasure Beach, there are also other attractions in the town. The piers are some of the major tourist attractions and points of interest. Blackpool has three piers: North-, Central- and South Pier. The North Pier is famous for its shopping arcade and theatre. There is also a spectacular carousel here, a beautiful Victorian tea room and a large beer garden. The Central Pier is also home to magnificent attractions, such as the Blackpool Big Wheel, the Family Entertainment Centre and so on. The South Pier is situated opposite the Blackpool Pleasure Beach and it is also named Victoria Pier. It includes fantastic rides and different other attractions. Blackpool Tower is one of the major landmarks of the town. The tower was inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower. Its top is named the Blackpool Tower Eye and it has four levels. Getting up there you will have breathtaking views over Blackpool. There is also a beautiful ballroom and a circus which are housed in the tower. Another magnificent attraction and landmark of the town is the Grand Theatre. It was opened in 1894 and was restored during the 1990’s. It is housed in a beautiful and attractive building. Other attractions of Blackpool include: the Winter Gardens, the beautiful Stanley Park, the Blackpool Zoo, the Sea Life Centre and so on.

Blackpool Tower from the Central Pier, photo by Ingy The Wingy/Flickr

Festivals and events

There are also some fantastic festivals and events in Blackpool which can be very attractive for visitors. Perhaps the most popular is the Blackpool Illuminations. It is a fantastic lights festival held annually in the town, running for 66 days, between late August and early November. The display of illuminated buildings and cars stretches along Blackpool’s Promenade. Another popular event held in Blackpool is the Dance Festival. It is a ballroom dance competition held annually in the town and it is vey famous worldwide. The Rebellion Punk Rock Festival is another event of Blackpool.

Blackpool Illuminations, photo by Michael D Beckwith/Flickr

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