Top 5 adventure races in the UK

Team Adventure

Team adventure ©mckaysavage/Flickr

Going on adventure races is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It may not necessarily be some extreme race such as Alaska’s Iditarod, but something less drastic and still challenging. Fortunately there are a lot of exciting opportunities in Britain as well.

But before we steep into the top 5 adventure races in the UK, take a look at this short video about the immensely cool Atlantic Challenge 2013, a rowing race through 3,000 miles in storm, icy water or anything that comes… I would love to do that!

Helly Hansen Adventure Challenge

Kayaking Couple

Kayaking couple ©Stacey Huggins/Flickr

Takes teams of three and about 2-5 hours, so it is not a very long one, but great for ‘beginners’ on the field. Helly Hansen Adventure Challenge usually takes place on training grounds of the army, so it is kind of cool. If you are afraid of mud and obstacles, you should stay home by the fireplace…


One of the most well known adventure race, Questar can be entered individually or in a team of maximum 4 members. Teams have to alternate between running and biking and have to do it in the most efficient order, plus they must choose the best route to the finish – in one or two days, so it is a longer picnic…

Open 24

Mountain bike trail

Mountain bike trail ©Ballyhoura Failte /Flickr

One well spent, sweaty day, that’s what comes to my mind when I think of Open 24, this one full day long adventure race of kayaking, running and biking. You must be in a pretty good shape to make it though! 😉 It is organized in the northern part of England and has got a shorter, 5 hour long – winter version.

Rat Race

For the ones with a more… urban taste, Rat Race takes place in larger cities such as Bristol, Sheffield or London where you face different challenges. Apart from running and biking here you have to find check-points, eat weird things, climb buildings and so on… it is fun!


Team Adventure

Team Adventure ©mckaysavage/Flickr

And finally something for the whole family if you want to bring them along – well maybe not the toddlers… INOV8 IROC offers something to do for everyone, orienteering in the night, running and so on. I like the idea that the faster you finish the different tasks the more time you can get to rest until the next one starts. Would you bring Granny along?

So, all British and visitors of this fair country, are you up for any of the top 5 adventure races in the UK or would you rather just enjoy the Amazing Race through the telly?

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