Top 5 budget eats in Manchester

Manchester, photo by Pimlico Badger

Lively Manchester with its rich historical and industrial past, the cradle of British economy for decades, the birthplace of indie music in the UK and a major university city is a travel destination that can cheer you up, entertain you, enlighten you, but never bore you. There are more things to do in Manchester than one can count, from cultural activities to sightseeing, pub crawling and shopping, but whatever you do, one thing is for sure: you will get hungry. And while many of the major tourist attractions in Manchester are free, food isn’t. But before you worry that Manchester dining will break the bank, you should know that there are more than enough places where you can eat delicious meals for affordable prices. Here are the top 5 budget eats in Manchester.

Shlurp!, Brazennnose Street

Manchester’s industrial heartland is not often a place where tourist are milling about, except around the scenic St Mary’s Church, almost hidden among modern buildings. And if you get hungry looking for this hidden tourist gem, you should stop for a bowl of hot soup at Shlurp!, a modern soup kitchen with a seasonal menu. A bowl of soup or stew, or the light salads and sandwiches can cost as little as £1.50, and rarely more than £4.

Bar Burrito, Piccadilly Gardens

photo by avlxyz

Mancunians might not be very fond of the newly redesigned Piccadilly Gardens, but the renovations had a positive side effect too: the opening of this wonderful little Mexican restaurant. The Bar Burrito is a small independent business, and in the tradition of these kinds of restaurants, special attention is paid to every single little detail. You can buy quesadillas, tacos or a large burrito for only £5.

Pi, Manchester Road

Pi is the perfect place for those who want to eat cheap, but also drink (more or less) cheap. The specialty of this pub are the delicious and unusual Pieminister pies, accompanied by a side of mouth-watering minty mushy peas. The pies cost £4.50 each, and they are more than satisfying. You can wash them down with one of the 50 types of bottles beer of with one of the eight types of draught.

Tampopo, Albert Square

This no frills, friendly and modern Asian restaurant specializes in delicious street food staples like Singaporean laksa, Vietnamese pho, Indonesian nasi goreng or Malaysian beef rendang. Of course, there are loads more dishes from all over Asia, various light salads and a nice drink selection. You can get a hot main dish for as little as £4.50.

Earth, Turner Street

photo by avlxyz

If you are a vegan, then there couldn’t possibly be a better place for budget eats in Manchester than Earth, a small cafe that won’t disappoint even the most hardened meat-eaters. The dishes on the menu are too tasty to be healthy, but healthy they are: only fresh, local produce is used in the soups, quiches, salads and beanburgers.

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