Top 5 budget hotels in London

Hotel room at Hotel 55 rp72/Flickr

Hotel room at Hotel 55 ©rp72/Flickr

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is hard, but not impossible to find a cheap hotel in this fantastic and immense city. The British capital city attracts millions of visitors every year. Tourists of all ages and social classes come here to visit its outstanding landmarks from all over the world. The visitors are not only rich people, so the existence of some cheap hotels is absolutely necessary. If you would also like to visit this gorgeous city, but you are usually traveling on low budget, this article was written to you. It will surely help you, because below I will present you the top 5 budget hotels in London. I hope you will find the one suiting perfectly to your preferences.

Arosfa Hotel

With double rooms starting from £97, the amazing Arosfa Hotel is a perfect choice for those who love to read during their holidays. It can be found in the heart of London, on Gower Street, opposite the continent’s largest academic bookstore and there are also other smaller bookshops in the area. The British Library can also be found close to the hotel, just up the road. The friendly bed & breakfast hotel has a beautiful garden in which guests can read the fantastic books they purchased during the day. The bedrooms have been decorated recently with stylish furniture.

Arosfa Hotel sign board GanMed64/Flickr

Arosfa Hotel sign board ©GanMed64/Flickr

Hotel 55

The stylish and modern budget hotel can be found on Hanger Lane 55. With its 26 double rooms starting from the incredibly low price of £65, Hotel 55 is a perfect choice for any tourist traveling on low budget. It includes a Momo Japanese restaurant, a 24-hour lounge bar and a beautiful garden.

Hotel room at Hotel 55 rp72/Flickr

Hotel room at Hotel 55 ©rp72/Flickr

Avo Hotel

The word “avo” means “welcome” in some languages. As its name suggests it, the hotel welcomes its guests with great hospitality. It is also a modern which has numerous rooms with king-size beds. The prices of the double rooms start from £79. It is absolutely a great-value accommodation in London.

Jesmond Hotel

The Jesmond Hotel is absolutely a good value hotel with its double rooms starting from £80. The hotel can be found on Gower Street 63. The house which gives home to the hotel is characterized by Georgian style. The rooms are very elegantly decorated, some of them including their original fireplaces. The hotel’s highlight is its wonderful English garden.

The Hoxton

The double rooms of the fantastic Hoxton Hotel usually start from £69, but the hotel is famous for the periodic £1 rooms. Guests get a mini-breakfast to their rooms, but they can also go to the quite cheap Hoxton Grill restaurant to have a delicious meal.

The Hoxton Hotel MarchieCTID/Flickr

The Hoxton Hotel ©MarchieCTID/Flickr


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