Top 5 cultural sights of Wales

Cardiff Castle candyschwartz/Flickr

Cardiff Castle ©candyschwartz/Flickr

Wales is a fantastic country, being home to numerous natural and cultural sights, not to mention its beautiful cities. Therefore, this country is very attractive among tourists. In some of my previous guides I have already presented you several aspects relating to the natural attractions and major cities of the country. In the following article I will present you the top 5 cultural sights of Wales. These landmarks are the following: Cardiff City Hall, Conwy Castle, Harlech Castle, Blaenavon World Heritage Site and Cardiff Castle. All these buildings are worth visiting sights of Wales. Whether you visit Cardiff or other destinations of the country, don’t miss to visit at least one of these.

Cardiff City Hall

Located in the Cathays Park of Cardiff, the majestic City Hall is a major landmark of the city. Opened in 1906, the building serves as the local government centre of Cardiff. The beautiful City Hall was built of Portland stones, being a fine example of Edwardian Baroque architectural style. With its distinctive Clock Tower, the building is a very appreciated visitor attraction of Cardiff.

Cardiff City Hall joncandy/Flickr

Cardiff City Hall ©joncandy/Flickr

Conwy Castle

Perched on a rock in North Wales, Conwy Castle offers picturesque views over Snowdonia. Conwy Castle offers a magical feel. The building is considered by many the finest castle Edward I ever built. The medieval castle includes wonderful large halls, royal chambers and private chapels. Don’t miss the visit.

Conwy Castle rakugo/Flickr

Conwy Castle ©rakugo/Flickr

Harlech Castle

Located in the beautiful area of Wales named Snowdonia, Harlech Castle is a majestic historic building of the country. The castle was built under the order of Edward I. It is an 700 year-old building. The views from the castle over the surrounding area are unbeatable. The remarkable building is a fantastic cultural sight of Wales, truly a must-visit.

Blaenavon World Heritage Site

Blaenavon is a fantastic town with an “iron heart”. The town grew around an ironworks during the late 18th century. Today Blaenavon is home to the Big Pit. What is the Big Pit? It is formed by the National Coal Museum, the Blaenavon Railway, Pontypool and the Blaenavon Ironworks. Are you interested in industry? Visit Blaenavon World Heritage Site and explore its industrial past.

Cardiff Castle

Located in the city centre, the wonderful Cardiff Castle is a remarkable Victorian Gothic revival mansion, being a fantastic medieval castle of Wales. It was constructed in the late 11th century, forming the heart of the medieval town. Today it is an important landmark of the city and also a fantastic visitor attraction. If you visit Cardiff, you can not miss to visit this landmark.

Cardiff Castle candyschwartz/Flickr

Cardiff Castle ©candyschwartz/Flickr

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