Top 5 ghost walks in the UK

British literature is full of ghost stories, some for children and some for adults, but what they have in common is their extraordinary creepiness. British writers are masters of horror and ghost stories, which is not surprising seeing as they have had more than enough legends, myths and folklore to inspire them. There’s hardly a city, town or village in the UK that doesn’t have its local ghost stories, and the locals are far from hiding them. Instead, local legends are used as a basis for ghost tours which are a way of giving visitors a taste of the scary or macabre tales surrounding that particular place. If you are not the type to shy away from a good horror tale or some haunted crypt, here are the top 5 ghost walks in the UK.

London Ghost Walk

The original London ghost walk will show you the darkest sides of the city’s history by taking you to some of the most chilling places in the UK capital. The operator offers tours in different parts of the city, eerie and forgotten streets and recesses where normally you wouldn’t think of going. There’s also a Jack the Ripper tour, less concerned with the paranormal but perhaps even more gruesome than the ghost tour.

Nottingham Ghost Walk

The Nottingham Ghost Walk was established in 1993 and it has become hugely popular among fans of the paranormal. You will have the chance to hear some truly chilling tales about this old city, and perhaps even see a few ghosts yourself (the operators claim that there have been several ghost sightings on their tours). You will be taken to places like the cemetery and tunnels under the city. No booking needed, just turn up at 7 PM on Saturday at the Salutation Inn, Maid Marian Way.

The Ghost Walks of Bath

Bath is more than a pretty Georgian city – it apparently has a darker side as well, with ghosts lurking around the corner! All jokes aside, Bath has several spots where strange and downright unexplainable events took place in the past. The tour will lead you through some of the creepiest areas of Bath, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8.00 pm in front of Garricks Head pub. No booking required.

The Llandaff Ghost Walk, Cardiff

Llandaff is the historic district of Cardiff, and it seems to be miles away from the modern center of the city. The ancient city with its narrow streets and dark pubs is the perfect setting for tales about ancient Celtic marsh spirits, mysterious lights and the ghosts of those who drowned in the river.

Edinburgh Ghost Walk

The most haunted city in Scotland has a spectacular ghost walk which is definitely in the top 5 ghost walks in the UK,  and will take you to places which many people believe to be haunted. You will be told quite a bit about the old legends of the city, and take a walk to Greyfriars Kirkyard and its haunted crypts.

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