Top 5 ideas for rainy days in the UK

The British National Gallery rhastings/Flickr

The British National Gallery ©rhastings/Flickr

In spite of what many of us think, it doesn’t rain all the time in the UK…but let’s admit it – it does rain a lot. And when it does and you happen to spend your vacation here, it is good to have a plan B. Well, you don’t have to be worried about that plan, because there are dozens of things to do on those rainy days, too.

From luxurious spas to breathtaking glasshouses, from interesting museums to castles, from indoor swimming pools to aquariums, there are lots of places in Britain where you can stay dry and have fun at the same time. In case you would like to have a plan B for those cloudy days, I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will present you the top 5 ideas for rainy days in the UK.

Visit a fantastic museum

As the UK is famous for its history, culture and art, it is obvious that the country is home to numerous fantastic museums. Some of the world’s premier museums can be found here, in the UK, especially in the big cities like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and so on. There are innumerable museums and art galleries all over the country. Visiting a museum is on of the best ways to stay out of the rain.

The British National Gallery rhastings/Flickr

The British National Gallery ©rhastings/Flickr

Be one with nature in one of the botanical gardens

The country is also abundant in botanical gardens. If you love plants, but you can not get out in nature because it rains, visit a fantastic greenhouse or botanical garden. Some of the most popular ones are the Eden Project in Cornwall, the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens or you can also visit the greenhouses located in the famous Kew Gardens in London.  

The Eden Project Karen Roe/Flickr

The Eden Project ©Karen Roe/Flickr

Relax in a spa resort

As many countries all over the world, the United Kingdom also houses several hotels which offer great spa facilities. There is also a natural thermal spa in the UK. It can be found in the city of Bath and attracts numerous guests each year. If you are looking for relaxation or you don’t what to do on a rainy day in Bath, I suggest you to make a reservation at this fantastic resort. You surely won’t regret it!

Take the kids to an aquarium

If you are visiting the United Kingdom with the kids, I suggest you to take them to a fantastic aquarium on a rainy day. The country is famous for owning some of the world’s most high-tech aquariums.

If you are in London, I’d recommend you to visit the unique London Sea Life Centre. This aquarium is famous for its underwater walkway. Another extremely popular one is named The Deep and it can be found in Hull, being home to 3.00 fish and 40 sharks.

Visit a wonderful castle 

Last, but not least attractive is to visit a wonderful castle in the UK. All the four countries of the United Kingdom are homes to fascinating castles and stately homes. If the ran doesn’t seem to stop, I suggest you to visit one of them. I would recommend you to choose Edinburgh Castle, Windsor Castle or Cardiff Castle, but there are hundreds of options.

Befast Castle Andrew_D_Hurley/Flickr

Befast Castle ©Andrew_D_Hurley/Flickr




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