Top 5 landmarks of Leeds

Leeds Cathedral ©richard_north/Flickr

Leeds is a fantastic city situated in West Yorkshire. As many cities or towns, Leeds has its own landmarks or symbols. These landmarks include the City Square, Temple Newsam, the Town Hall, Roundhay Park, Leeds Cathedral and so on. Besides the previously mentioned landmarks, there are also other tourist attractions in Leeds which make this amazing city a perfect holiday destination for the lovers of sightseeing. If you are planning a visit to Leeds, read the following article. It might help you a lot, as it will contain the top 5 landmarks of Leeds. Visiting this magnificent city is surely an unforgettable experience. If you are in Leeds, make sure to visit the following landmarks of it.

Leeds City Square

One of the several squares of the city, Leeds City Square is a very popular square. It includes numerous notable buildings, statues and even fountains. This open area is visited by the majority of tourists who come to Leeds. The biggest statue on the square is the Black Prince on Horseback which stands in front of the building of the Old Post Office, a spectacular building of the city. Besides the City Square, there are other squares in Leeds, too, such as the Millennium Square or the Park Square.

Leeds Cathedral

As for the religious buildings, Leeds is home to numerous churches of which the most popular is the Roman Catholic cathedral named Saint Anne’s Cathedral. It is a quite small cathedral, but not less attractive. The cathedral is a must-see landmark of Leeds.

Leeds Cathedral ©richard_north/Flickr

Temple Newsam

Another landmark of Leeds is the beautiful Tudor-Jacobean house named Temple Newsam. Situated in the eastern part of the city, this building is with its estate is open to the public. It is a popular tourist attraction which also serves as a museum and art gallery. The house and its gardens also host several annual events, such as the “Opera in the Park” or the “Party in the Park”. Temple Newsam is undoubtedly a very attractive landmark of Leeds.

The Town Hall

The spectacular Town Hall of Leeds is another major landmark of the city. The building wears the characteristics of Classical and Baroque architectural styles. Since the Civic Hall of Leeds was opened, the Town Hall hasn’t been used as the seat of the city council, it has been used for different civil events, such as music concerts or weddings. The Town Hall is a major tourist attraction of the city.

Leeds Town Hall ©Will Palmer/Flickr

Roundhay Park

It is a magnificent park in Leeds which is also a major landmark. The park includes several spectacular gardens, wonderful lakes, the Roundhay Castle, the Mansion, the Tropical World, the Arena and so on. It is extremely popular among both local people and tourists, attracting more than one million visitors each year. It is not surprising, as the huge park is of an outstanding beauty. The gardens include fantastic flowers and plants, fountains and other features.

Roundhay Park ©Tim Green aka atoach/Flickr


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