Top 5 most haunted pubs in Britain

The Grenadier, photo by Martin Belam on Flickr

Most people don’t like going to the pub and having a drink alone, and if you are one of them then here is a solution for the times when your mates don’t have time to come and have a pint with you – go to a pub where no matter what you do, you’ll never be truly alone! Because there are pubs all around the UK where many people believe that even if you sit down alone at the table, you might have invisible company. Check out the top 5 most haunted pubs in Britain, and maybe next Halloween you won’t have to keep vigil in a cold and empty haunted house to spook yourself, and you can have a nice pint at the pub instead – it will probably be just as scary anyway!

Grenadier Pub, London

The soldiers who served in the regiment of the famous Duke of Wellington (one of the most brilliant military leaders of the 19th century) spent a lot of their free time at the Grenadier. Even today the pub has a military atmosphere, thanks to the weapons and paraphernalia dating back to the times of the Empire. And while the soldiers had a good time at the pub, one unfortunate grenadier was the exception: he was caught cheating at cards by his fellows, beaten up, and thrown down the stars of the pub. It’s said that hist ghosts still haunts the Grenadier to this day.

Red Lion, Avebury, Wilshire

Red Lion, photo by Phillip Capper

Wiltshire in general and Avebury in parrticular have always had a reputation for attracting supernatural happenings and mysterious beings, what with their legends, megalithic circles and even UFO sightings. The Red Lion pub is over four centuries old, and it is located splat in the middle of a stone circle where a pagan festival is held every month and a half. Several ghosts are thought to inhabit the Red Lion, but the most famous one is Florrie, a former landlady killed by her husband.

The King’s Arms, Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire

Maybe there really is something about Wiltshire, because another pub in the county is among the top 5 most haunted pubs in Britain. The King’s Arms has a startling number of ghosts, which is not that surprising given that it was a hotspot of not always pleasant historical happenings. People have reported a trickster monk, a woman who died when her coach crashed into the pub, and several others.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales

The oldest pub in Wales (dating back to the 12th century!) naturally has a few ghost stories of its own with which to entertain the guests. The inn was used as a courtroom for a long time, and capital punishment was liberally doled out to the offending sheep thieves and other assorted criminal, right there at the inn. It’s said that at least 180 people were hanged from one of the wood beams at the inn, and rope marks can actually still be seen at the exact spot. It’s no surprise that many people claim to have seen ghosts at the inn.

The Seven Stars, Robertsbridge, Sussex

Like many pubs and buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, the Seven Stars has quite an interesting history, and a collection of rumored spirits too. Although there haven’t been any sightings lately, people who come with their dogs to walk and hike in the area have reported that their pets seemed to pick up on something unseen. And if you don’t see anything, well, the pub’s selection of scotch is really good.


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