Top 5 natural attractions in England

Ingleton Waterfalls, photo by Peter/Flickr

Besides the numerous spectacular cultural attractions, historic towns, legendary places and picturesque villages, the United Kingdom is also home to some magnificent natural attractions. So is England, too. There are several areas of outstanding beauty in the wonderful country of England. To help you make a better image about these areas, in the following article there will be presented the top 5. These areas also make great holiday destinations for an autumn holiday or -weekend. There are numerous spectacular forests, natural or national parks, hills and valleys which would surely make a great day out for the family.

Ashdown Forest

The spectacular forest of Ashdown combines heathland and mixed woodland. It is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, being situated in East Sussex. The mixed woodland consists of pine trees, birch and oak at the same time. The forest is well-known for being the “scenery” of the tales of Winnie the Pooh. It is also home to a spectacular llama park which accommodates about 100 llamas together with some alpacas and goats. The children will surely adore them.

Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Located in North Yorkshire, the Ingleton Waterfalls are spectacular. The trail begins and also ends in the village of Ingleton. The trail includes not only the beautiful waterfalls, but the wonderful woodland and gorge, too. Following the trail is undoubtedly a great outdoor activity for the family. The village of Ingleton is also surrounded by some gorgeous caves. The area is considered one of Yorkshire’s most scenic regions with spectacular mountains and beautiful waterfalls.

Ingleton Waterfalls, photo by Peter/Flickr


Seven Sisters Country Park

The magnificent country park can also be found in the county of East Sussex. This natural attraction is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and also an area of Special Scientific Interest. It is very attractive among visitors, being situated on one of the country’s most beautiful unspoilt coastline. The chalk cliffs and meadows are the highlights of the park, other attractions including river valleys and woodland. There are great possibilities for outdoor activities in the area, such as cycling, walking, birdwatching, having a picnic and so on.

The Seven Sisters, photo by Paul Stephenson/Flickr


The Blackdown Hills

Situated in the country of Somerset, the Blackdown Hills offer scenic landscapes, gorgeous woodlands and great variety of wildlife. Also designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the hills are perfect for a day out for the family. You can take long walks, admire the peaceful nature and even visit the nearby picturesque villages. The area is a popular tourist destination amongst nature-lovers, being the perfect destination for even a romantic weekend.

The South Downs

The popular natural attraction named South Downs can be found in West Sussex. The highlights of the region are the several spectacular rivers which flow through the scenic villages and towns of the area. The Seven Sisters cliffs can also be found here. Another great attraction is the Beachy Head with its well-known lighthouse. Visitors can also follow the South Downs Way which is full of historic attractions, such as castles. The wildlife of South Downs is also spectacular with beech trees, wild flowers and so on. The South Downs are undoubtedly a must-see area of England.

The South Downs, photo by DancesWithLight/Flickr


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