Top 5 places to spot celebrities in the UK

Leicester Square, photo by Matt Brown

The UK is one of the favorite countries of celebrities from all over the world – as sunny and glam as Hollywood or Beverly Hills might be,stars are attracted to the charm and elegance of the British Isle like flies to honey. If you like the sight of a celebrity on the street, whether you’re fans of them or not, there are many places in the UK where you might come face to face with some of them. Of course, a small fishing village in Cornwall might not be the kind of destination where you will spot some famous actor at the local pub, but there are some parts of the UK where celebrity sightings are almost a guarantee if you know where and when to look. Here are the top 5 places to spot celebrities in the UK, for those who want to rub elbows with the stars.

Leicester Square, London

Cinemas during movie premieres are one of the most sure-fire locations to spot a famous person, two or a truckload of them, even. Most movie premieres in the UK take places at the cinemas on Leicester Square London. If you don’t managed to get tickets for a movie in order to share the movie theater with your star of choice, you can join the rest of the fan who camp out in front of the cinema hoping to catch a glimpse of the actors when they get out of their limos.

Portobello Road Market, London, UK

Portobello Road Market, photo by mariosp on Flickr

Not all celebrities drape themselves exclusively in the newest designer clothes – some of them like bargain shopping and hunting for vintage stuff just as much as regular people. Portobello Road is a great place to freshen up you wardrobe, and also to spot fashion-conscious celebrities with a taste for vintage apparel, such as Kate Moss or Sienna Miller.

Cafe Sports, Liverpool

Liverpool is home to one of the most celebrated football teams in the UK, so if your taste in celebrities runs more along the lines of football players, then have a few pints at the Cafe Sports, a pub owned by Liverpool FC’s Jamie Carragher, whoe team mates are known to be guests of the pub quite often. Other European football players might also drop by, especially after the European Cup.

Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

Manchester, photo by pit-yacker

Edinburgh is a fancy enough city that even when nothing out of the ordinary is happening you might still see some important people on the street, but during the world known Edinburgh Festival, the Scottish capital is teeming with artists, comedians, actors and especially musicians. Bands and singers from all over the world come to perform at the festival, and when they are not on stage, you will quite possibly encounter them in the city’s pubs, bars and restaurants¬† (and you don’t even need to stick strictly to the upscale places, in Edinburgh even slumming is seen as glamorous).


Fans of Manchester United probably don’t need any convincing to hang out in the city’s sports bars and clubs in hopes of meeting some of their favorite football players in the flesh. If the regular bars don’t yield any results, try the glitzy restaurants, casinos and bars where there are bound to be some celebrities any time of the week. The bar of the fancy five-star prion hotel, Malmaison, is a good place to start, and so it the super-elegant¬†Manchester235 cocktail bar and casino.

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