Top 5 things to do in Manchester

photo by Martin Butler

Manchester is a city of change. It gave birth to the industrial revolution, British capitalism, some of the best indie music in the UK, and even a successful football team. And this uncrowned capital of Northern England is going though changes every minute, and in the past few decades it has gone through some dramatic transformations. Simply put, Manchester is one of the best cities to live in Europe, because this is a place where you can never find yourself without something to do. If you’re visiting Manchester for even the shortest time, don’t miss the chance to try at least a few of the top 5 things to do in Manchester.

Watch football at Old Trafford

Old Trafford Football Ground, photo by Mike Harris

Old Trafford has two huge and hugely successful sports venues: Old Trafford Cricket Ground, the home stadium of Lancashire County Cricket Club, and Old Trafford Football Ground, which belongs to the world famous Manchester United Football Club. If you are visiting on a match day, then you’ll have the honor of witnessing some of the finest football playing in the UK. If your tastes run more along the lines of cricket, pop next door the the Cricket Ground and watch England’s national sport.

Visit a museum

There’s an incredible variety of museums in Manchester, and you will find something to interest you regardless of your hobbies. The Imperial War Museum North manages to impress visitors at the first glace (it has a very striking architecture), while the Manchester Museum has beloved classics such as T-Rex skeletons and a large Egyptology collection.

Visit the original Manchester

Castlefield, photo by edwin.11 on Flickr

Manchester was founded in Roman times, under the name of Mamucium, known since medieval times as Castlefield. This area of the city has a very interesting networks of canals, and it was the beaten heart of Manchester’s industry during the industrial revolution. The area become run-down in later times, but it was renovated in the 90s and now it feels like an oasis of small town England in the middle of the industrial jungle.

Take the folk train

Manchester has an important musical heritage and you can listen to local indie bands at a variety of venues, but if you prefer music that’s more folk-y, then all you have to do is board the Folk Train for an hour’s live entertainment with blues, folk, Irish and country music on the way from Manchester to the village of Hathersage.

Get to know the eccentric side of Manchester

photo by BinaryApe on Flickr

Every city has its urban legends, weird tales and true facts that are are so strange they’re hard to believe, and Manchester is no different. It would take a lot of digging around in local libraries to find out all the juicy pieces of info about the city, so here’s something simpler: book a walk that will uncover eccentric Manchester for you. Discovering the hidden secrets of the city is definitely one of the top 5 things to do in Manchester.

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