Top 5 things to do in Scotland

St Giles’ Cathedral, photo by Nigel’s Europe/Flickr

The outstanding country of Scotland is very popular among visitors. Its capital city, Edinburgh is also a very attractive place. There are fantastic natural and cultural attractions all around Scotland therefore the country is a popular tourist destination. With such spectacular cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow, with natural attractions like the Cairngorms and numerous beautiful islands and cultural attractions such as historic buildings, medieval castles or churches, Scotland is an important destination for tourists. In order to help you plan your journey to Scotland, in the following article I will present you the top 5 things to do in the country.

Visit Edinburgh

The magnificent capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is an important tourist destination. You can not miss to visit Edinburgh if you are in this fantastic country. With numerous spectacular buildings and fantastic festivals, the city attracts a large number of visitors every year. Some of the most representative attractions are the following: Edinburgh Castle, St Giles’ Cathedral, the City Chambers, the National Gallery of Scotland and so on. The city is divided into the Old and New Towns. Both were inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Edinburgh is undoubtedly a fantastic place for sightseeing.

St Giles’ Cathedral, photo by Nigel’s Europe/Flickr

Ski in the Cairngorms

The popular mountain range of Cairngorms is very attractive for the lovers of winter sports. There are three outstanding ski resorts here with great facilities. The mountain is surely a winter sports paradise. Besides the ski resorts, the area includes the Cairngorms National Park and beautiful lochs. Along skiing, there are fantastic opportunities for practicing outdoor activities here, such as climbing, fly fishing, birdwatching, hill-walking and so on.

The Cairngorms, photo by Fr Paul Heckett/Flickr

Explore the Isle of Skye

The largest island of the Inner Hebrides, the Isle of Skye is of an outstanding natural beauty. Visiting the island is undoubtedly a memorable experience for nature-lovers. The natural attractions include among others the Loch Coruisk and the rocky hill named The Storr. As for the settlements of the island, there are numerous fantastic towns here like Portree, Uig, Dunvegan and so on. The Isle of Skye is also a favorite for the lovers of wildlife. The biodiversity of the island is amazing, including numerous species of birds and mammals.

Taste the mince ‘n’ tatties

Tasting traditional food in a country you are visiting is one of the best ways to get in touch with local culture. Scotland has some fantastic dishes, such as the Oatcakes, the Scotch Broth, the Scottish Salmon, the Haggis and so on. The mince ‘n’ tatties is a very popular traditional food among local people. You can not miss to taste it! It is actually made of potato (tatties), mince and gravy, nothing extraordinary, but it’s very delicious.

Discover the Callanish Standing Stones

Just like Stonehenge, the Callanish Standing Stones are very popular among visitors. Situated in the Outer Hebrides, the Standing Stones are more than 4.000 years old. There are legends and myths relating to the purpose of the Standing Stones’ construction. One of the legends says that the stones are actually giants who refused to convert to Christianity. As a punishment, they were turned into these stones. Whatever the purpose of the building is, the site is extremely popular among visitors. You can not miss it either.

Callanish Standing Stones, photo by mmmavocado/Flickr


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