Top 5 typical English drinks

Tea served in a traditional way, with milk, photo by Miia Ranta/Flickr

When you are going on a holiday in a foreign country, it is good to find out some information about the country before traveling. For example, it’s good to know what are the currency, the vernacular, the traditions and culture of the respective country. It is also essential to know which are the traditional foods and drinks in the visited country. If you are about to visit England on your next holiday, read on to find out which are the typical English drinks. As we all know, tea is the English’s most popular drink. It is a tradition to drink tea at 5 o’clock pm. Ale, apple cider, stout and mead are popular alcoholic drinks in England.



Perhaps the most popular drink in England is the tea, having a significant tradition in the country. English people drink tea every day at 5 o’clock. On average they consume about 2.5 kg of tea a year, in other words millions of gallons every day. The tea is mostly brewed in Chinese teapot. The culture of tea became very popular soon after it was brought from China. Black tea is the most usual tea consumed in Britain. Strong tea is usually consumed with milk, served in little porcelain teacups. If you are in Britain, make sure to drink a delicious cup of tea every day!

Tea served in a traditional way, with milk, photo by Miia Ranta/Flickr


It is a popular type of beer. As the major types of beers, ale is brewed of malt and brewers yeast. This typical English drink has a sweet, fruity taste. There are different types of ale, some of which containing spices and herbs. Some types of ale are the following: Burton Ale, Pale ale, Mild ale, Scotch ale and so on. Ale is usually fermented at about 15-24°C. Above 24°C they can produce more aromatic ale, containing generally fruits like cherry, prune, banana, pear, apple and so on. If you love beer, you must taste ale in Britain.

Scotch ale, photo by Bernt Rostad/Flickr

Apple cider

Similar to apple juice, it is a typical English drink. Cider is a very popular low-alcoholic drink in Britain. It is made of fruit-, most commonly apple juice. Apple cider is also known in other countries, such as the United States, Canada or Germany. There are many types of English cider, varying from dry to sweet or from yellow to brown. British people love this drink so much that they even organize cider festivals. Visiting a festival and tasting this delicious drink can be a great experience for those who love to try local specialties during their vacation.


It is a dark beer, brewed of roasted malt. There are numerous types of stout beer in Britain, some of which are the following: Irish stout, milk stout, oyster stout, chocolate stout, oatmeal stout and coffee stout. The stout’s origins go back in the 18th century. At that time stout was a very strong beer. Nowadays, the strength varies. Its flavor is also varied, it can be creamy, dry or even coffee-like. I suggest you not to miss this typical drink.

Chocalate stout, photo by Bernt Rostad/Flickr


Mead is an alcoholic drink, being a honey-taste wine. It is one of the oldest alcoholic drink known by man. It is actually a blend of water, honey and yeast. Mead can be also flavored with fruit, spices or hops, varying from dry to sweet. This drink is also known in other countries. Don’t miss to taste it during your holiday in Britain!

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