Top attractions of Boston

St Botolph’s Church, photo by Paul Stainthorp/Flickr

The small port town of Boston can be found in Lincolnshire. The town is spectacular and very attractive, owning some magnificent tourist attractions. Boston is a historic market town of which most stunning building dates back the 14th century. It is the famous St Botolph’s Church which is the best-known landmark of the town. The Town Bridge is also fantastic and very popular among tourists of Boston. There are numerous buildings in Boston which must be visited if you spend a couple of days in the town. The Shodfriars Hall, the Pescod Hall, the Guild Hall, the Customs House, the Fydell House or the Maud Foster Windmill are just some of them.

St Botolph’s Church

Named “The Stump” by locals, it is one of the biggest parish churches of England. It features one of the tallest towers in England which is very famous. The tower is about 83 m high and can be seen from miles around. The construction of the breathtaking church began in the early 14th century, while the construction of the famous tower began in 1450. The tower, topped with a spectacular and highly decorated lantern, was used as a marker for travelers. It is considered to be completed somewhere between 1510 and 1520. The church is a magnificent architectural jewel and attracts dozens of visitors each year. There is also a library in the church, located above the porch. It was originally built around 1600 and contains many valuable books.

St Botolph’s Church, photo by Paul Stainthorp/Flickr

The Guildhall

It is also named St Mary’s Guildhall or Guildhall Museum, it is one of Boston’s well-known tourist attractions. The Guildhall is a beautiful medieval building of the town. It is considered to be built around 1390. In 1546 it became the Town Hall and later, during the World War II it became a restaurant. The actual museum contains exhibitions relating, among others, to the story of the Pilgrim Fathers. It can be also hired for different events, such as wedding ceremonies. The museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10:30 to 15:30. The admission is free. (September 2012)

Maud Foster Windmill

Located close to the town centre, it is a great tourist attraction of Boston. The windmill was built in 1819. It was in use until 1948 and after a restoration it re-opened in 1988. The windmill is still in use today and visitors have the occasion to purchase organic flour, jam or porridge. There is also a tea room inside the building and the view from the outside platform is fantastic. The admission is free. The windmill and the shop are open on Wednesday and Saturday, from 10:00 to 17:00. (September 2012)

Maud Foster Windmill, photo by ☰ Lee J Haywood/Flickr

Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre

The medieval building which houses the actual theatre and arts centre was built in the 13th century. It is a fantastic live theatre. Different events are held in the theatre of which famous is the annual pantomime show. The Foyer Gallery is also famous among visitors. It includes exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, photographs and craft works. Visitors also have the occasion to purchase art works here.

The Shodfriars Hall

The wonderful timber-framed Shodfrians Hall is a three-storey building in Boston. The original building is considered to be built in the 15th century. It was restored in 1874. it has been used during the years for different purposes, including a theatre. Nowadays, it houses commercial businesses. It is one of the finest buildings of Boston.

Shodfriars Hall,


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