Top sights in East England

Canterbury Cathedral AndyRobertsPhotos/Flickr

Canterbury Cathedral ©AndyRobertsPhotos/Flickr

The United Kingdom is home to some fascinating tourist destinations and sights. All of its four countries (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) are home to unique sights and tourist attractions. I have already presented you numerous aspects relating to the best cities, destinations and landmarks of these countries. Below I will present you some attractions of England, more precisely the top sights of East England. These include the following: Cambridge, Norwich, Bedford, Canterbury and the Broads. These destinations include fantastic sights which are absolutely worth visiting. If you are planning a visit to England, I recommend you not to miss East England. It will be a great experience.


Perhaps the main tourist destination of East England is the wonderful city of Cambridge. The city is foremost famous for its university, considered to be one of the United Kingdom’s oldest universities. It is also one of the world’s top 5 universities. Besides, it is also a beautiful, attractive city of England. The city is home to numerous fantastic sights which are worth visiting.

Cambridge mariosp/Flickr

Cambridge ©mariosp/Flickr


With no doubt one of the most attractive cities of England is Canterbury. It is an excellent tourist destination. The old city is home to one of the most beautiful cathedrals of England – Canterbury Cathedral. The wonderful cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dragging numerous visitors each year. Other sights are Canterbury Castle, the Museum of Canterbury and so on.

Canterbury Cathedral AndyRobertsPhotos/Flickr

Canterbury Cathedral ©AndyRobertsPhotos/Flickr


The beautiful historic city of Norwich is a main destination of Norfolk. It was England’s first UNESCO City of Literature. The city is home to numerous fascinating sights, including Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle, St. Peter Mancroft Church, Surrey House, Norwich Castle Museum and so on. There are numerous sights in this city which make it a great tourist destination.


The wonderful town of Bedford is a great destination, too. It is home to numerous sights, including Bedford Castle Mound, St. Paul’s Church, Bedford Park, Bedford War Memorial and so on. It is also a great place to visit.

The Broads

The Broads are actually a network of mostly navigable lakes and rivers in the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk. The area is considered a special area, being similar to a national park in terms of protection. The Broads are extremely popular among tourists, especially during spring and summer. If you love nature and you love lakes and rivers, make a visit to this special area of East England.

Norfolk Broads MiqsPix /Flickr

Norfolk Broads ©MiqsPix /Flickr


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