Top ten things to do in Brighton

Volks electric railway in Brighton

Electric railway ©Simon/Flickr

Brighton is the beautiful city located in East Sussex in Southern England that is a well-known port. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of amazing places to visit in Brighton so if you are in the area, do not miss it.

This is an excellent place for a one-day trip, weekend away, and a family holiday and the number of things to do here can be overwhelming. Some of the most interesting things to be visited in Brighton are as follows:

Brighton Art Gallery and Museum

The museum and art gallery of Brighton is one of the most informative and attractive places. This historical place is free to the public and consists of a wide range of exhibitions that are displayed in interesting and unique surroundings. The ‘performance’ exhibition is one of the most popular items which enlighten a large number of aspects from all around the globe.

Royal Pavilion Brighton

Brighton Royal Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion ©Steve Slater/Flickr

The incredible building of Royal Pavilion epitomizes the surpluses of aristocracy in the regency period of Britain. This unique piece of architecture draws many visitors to wonder at the art work, antique and grounds. There are a large number of stunning rooms in this beautifully designed building and are decorated with hand-knitted Ax minster carpet.

Brighton aquarium

This is regarded to be the oldest aquarium attraction all around the world and consists of a lot of amazing things. In this aquarium, you can walk through the shark tunnel and easily get personal and close with all kind of marine life.

Sandy beach

Brighton beach

Brighton beach ©Clive Darra/Flickr

Brighton is considered to be the favorite seaside city and the beachfront is full of water, cafes, and beach sports.

Theatre Royal

This is a two hundred old venue and consists of many interesting things. You can enjoy the top notch shows in this attractively designed theater including the nude and horse oriented antics of Equus.


This is also one of the top ten places to be visited In Brighton. There is a beautiful restaurant in this place and also food and drinks outlets. In addition, it has fast food outlets which sell fish, burgers, chips, and hot dogs etc.

The lanes

This is the most attractive place for the shopping lovers and consists of unique shops, boutique stores, quirky shops, funky cafes, and little restaurants. The stores here offer bespoke jewelry which is a lovely combination of cutting edge design and luxury.

The Dyke golf club

This golf club is located almost four miles away from the center of Brighton and provides a haven for wildlife. This course is regarded as best down land courses in the entire region.

Volks electric railway

Volks electric railway in Brighton

Electric railway ©Simon/Flickr

This railway is considered to be the oldest operating electric railway all around the globe. However, this railway runs for just one mile on the seafront.

Booth Museum of Natural History

This museum is the second biggest regional natural history museum all around England. Founded in 1847, this museum was essentially named after the collector and naturalist named as Edward Thomas Booth. There are a lot of things to do in this historical museum and consists of gift shop with a selection of toys, post cards, books, and gifts with natural history theme.

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