Tourist guide to Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral Matthew Black/Flickr

Canterbury Cathedral ©Matthew Black/Flickr

With its 2,000 years of history, Canterbury is an excellent tourist destination. It is located in the southeastern part of England and has played an important role in England’s history. It is known as a significant Roman settlement. Canterbury is considered to be one of Great Britain’s Heritage Cities. One part of the city is home to some fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Canterbury Cathedral, St. Augustine Abbey and St. Martin’s Church. Canterbury Tales Attraction is also a great sight to visit. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful city, I recommend you to read the following tourist guide to Canterbury before traveling.

Canterbury Cathedral

The magnificent Canterbury Cathedral is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the entire country, receiving about one million visitors every year. It is famous for being the most famous and oldest Christian building of England. The fantastic World Heritage Site was built in several stages, between 1070 and 1834, wearing the characteristics of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

Canterbury Cathedral Matthew Black/Flickr

Canterbury Cathedral ©Matthew Black/Flickr

St. Augustine’s Abbey

Another fantastic World Heritage Site of Canterbury is the wonderful St. Augustine’s Abbey. The Benedictine abbey is an important landmark and tourist attraction of the city. It is a ruined attraction of Canterbury which has a significant history. It was built by Saint Augustine during the first century. St. Augustine’s Abbey is with no doubt a must-visit of the city.

St. Augustine’s Abbey Hyougushi/Flickr

St. Augustine’s Abbey ©Hyougushi/Flickr

Canterbury Tales Attraction

The Canterbury Tales is actually a fantastic accurate recreation of medieval life, presenting live costumed characters and audio guides. This attraction provides an authentic introduction to the city’s history and its well-known literary connection. Visiting the Canterbury Tales Attraction is like stepping back in the past of the city. It is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions of Kent.

St. Martin’s Church

Also a fantastic World Heritage Site, St. Martin’s Church is an important landmark of the city. It is located beyond the city centre and it is famous for being England’s first church to be founded. The ruined old church is a Grade I. listed building and an important tourist attraction of Canterbury.

The court of St. Martin's Church Hyougushi/Flickr

The court of St. Martin’s Church ©Hyougushi/Flickr

The Museum of Canterbury

Are you interested in visiting museums on your holidays? The Museum of Canterbury is an interesting museum. It houses great collections presenting the history of the city. It also exhibits the Canterbury Cross and holds several events of both local and national interest. The museum is open daily all year round.

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