Tourist guide to Glasgow

Glasgow City Chambers stevecadman/Flickr

Glasgow City Chambers ©stevecadman/Flickr

Scotland’s largest settlement, the fantastic city of Glasgow is a great place to visit. The deluge of the unique landmarks and visitor attractions drag innumerable tourists each year. If your next holiday destination is Scotland or you are searching for a great city break, I suggest you to choose this fabulous city! Need some good information relating to this city? In case you do, I suggest you to read the following article. It will serve as a tourist guide to Glasgow including the best tourist attractions of the city, entertainment options, the local transportation, its hotels and restaurants. Everything a tourist needs to know about this city will be presented here. So, read on!

Tourist attractions

Before traveling to a city like Glasgow, it is good to find out which are the most important landmarks and visitor attractions of the city.

Glasgow is home to innumerable fascinating landmarks, including architectural jewels like Glasgow Cathedral, the City Chambers, Glasgow University, numerous museums and art galleries like the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum or Glasgow Science Centre, theatres, parks and open spaces like Glasgow Green or the Botanic Gardens. Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find something that will amaze you.

Glasgow City Chambers stevecadman/Flickr

Glasgow City Chambers ©stevecadman/Flickr

Entertainment options

Glasgow is famous for its excellent venues, including theatres, clubs and cinemas. Its nightlife is buzzing and very attractive for young travelers. If you are looking for arts and theatres, choose the Theatre Royal, the King’s Theatre or the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. As for the clubs of the city, some of the best ones are King’s Tut, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, the Cathouse, The Tunnel and so on. There are innumerable entertainment options. You surely won’t get bored here!

Glasgow University benkucinski/Flickr

Glasgow University ©benkucinski/Flickr

Local transportation

With high standards, the city’s public transport system is considered to be one of the most extensive in Great Britain. There are innumerable options for a tourist to get around quickly and easily in the city. From buses to subway, from trains to taxis and boats, you can choose from a large variety of means of transportation. The city is also pedestrian-friendly so you can visit the main areas by foot, too. Everything depends on your preferences.

Glasgow Cathedral by night zoetnet/Flickr

Glasgow Cathedral by night ©zoetnet/Flickr

The best hotels

From budget to luxurious ones, Glasgow is home to numerous hotels. There are guesthouses, hostels, 2-, 3-, but even 5-star hotels in the city, too. As for the budget ones, Glasgow Youth Hostel and Euro Hostel are among the most popular ones. Some of the luxury hotels are the following: Glasgow Grand Central, Hilton Glasgow, Marriot Glasgow and so on.

The best restaurants

The city is home to innumerable excellent restaurants. Although there is no Michelin-star venue here, you can choose from a large variety of restaurants. There are international, Italian, Indian, vegetarian, Mexican, European, Chinese and, of course, Scottish eateries in Glasgow, too. All of them offer excellent dishes. Which one to choose only depends on your taste.

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