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Newry Cathedral Arrospide/ookaboo

Newry Cathedral ©Arrospide/ookaboo

One of the most beautiful cities of Northern Ireland is Newry. Located on the Clanrye River, the city has a picturesque setting. It actually lies on the surfaces of two counties: County Down and County Armagh. The wonderful settlement is considered to be found in the 12th century, making it one of the oldest cities of Ireland.

Due to its position between Dublin and Belfast, the city used to be a significant centre of trade. Today it is a great destination for the lovers of sightseeing, as there are numerous landmarks in Newry, including churches, art galleries, a museum, the town hall and so on. If you would like to make a visit to this wonderful city, I suggest you to read the following guide first. It will serve as a tourist guide to Newry

Newry Cathedral

Known as the Cathedral of SS. Patrick and Colman, the beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral was built in 1829. The building is constructed of granite, being designed by a renowned architect, Thomas Duff. Later, in 1901, the cathedral was beautified and enlarged by Bishop Henry O’Neill.

Today Newry Cathedral is an important landmark and visitor attraction of the city. You shouldn’t miss to visit it either. If you are interested in the mass times, these are the following: Saturday Vigil: at 18:00, on Sunday: at 8:30, 10:00, 12:00 and 17:30. Weekday masses are: Monday to Saturday at 8:30 and 10:30. (June 2013)

Newry Cathedral Arrospide/ookaboo

Newry Cathedral ©Arrospide/ookaboo

Newry Town Hall

Newry Town Hall is famous for its setting, being built over the Clanrye River. It was constructed in 1893, on a three-arched bridge, over the river. The building is today an important landmark and visitor attraction of the city.

In front of the Town Hall there is a granite monument which was erected in 2003 in honor of a local man who conquered Mount Everest. The large hall of the Town Hall is used for different events, including concerts and even the Newry Musical Feis which is an annual festival.

View over Newry Cmcgrath62/ookaboo

View over Newry ©Cmcgrath62/ookaboo

Saint Patrick’s Church

Constructed in 1578, the beautiful Saint Patrick’s Church is another important attraction of Newry. The current form of the church dates from 1866. It is famous for its unusual spire which consists of four small steeples at every corner of the clock tower.

The church is situated on a hill, in the eastern part of the city and allows great views over the city centre. If you visit Newry on your next holiday, you can not miss to visit Saint Patrick’s Church. You will surely love it.  

Saint Patrick’s Church Cmcgrath62/ookaboo

Saint Patrick’s Church ©Cmcgrath62/ookaboo

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