Traditional Christmas dishes in the United Kingdom

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Do you spend your Christmas in the United Kingdom? You will surely make a memorable experience. Christmas is a magical feast, celebrated in all Christian countries. There are numerous things which make the celebration even more beautiful: the decorations, the Christmas tree, the gorgeous presents and of course, the traditional Christmas dishes. In the following article I will present you the best traditional Christmas dishes in the United Kingdom. Some may sound familiar and may correspond with those prepared in your country for Christmas Eve. But there are dishes which are typical for the United Kingdom. If you would like to find out which are these read on.

Bread sauce

It is a delicious cold or warm sauce which is actually a bread-thickened dish. The sauce is usually served with a main meal like chicken or turkey. The ingredients of the bread sauce are the following: milk, bread crumbs, cream (or butter), onion, mace, cloves, pepper, salt and bay leaf. It is a very easy recipe and makes a fantastic dish for Christmas. I suggest you to taste it if you are in the United Kingdom during Christmas.

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Nut roast

If you are a vegetarian, a delicious nut roast is the perfect Christmas food for you. It is a savoury dish made of nuts, butter or broth, grains, vegetable oil and seasonings. This food is extremely popular among vegetarians in the United Kingdom, but it is also great for those who got bored of meat and would like to try something else this Christmas.

Roast turkey, -duck or -beef

As in many countries all around Europe and America, roast turkey, -duck, -goose or –beef makes a traditional Christmas dish. Roast turkey has its origins (in the 16th century) in the United Kingdom. Roast goose was very popular during the 17th century among working class people. Roast beef is a traditional dish in the United Kingdom which is usually served for Sunday dinner, too.

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Christmas Ham

The delicious ham is a must for Christmas Eve. It is considered that Christmas ham originates in the United Kingdom. The Christmas ham is usually glazed with honey or marmalade, being boiled or roast.

Christmas Pudding

The traditional Christmas pudding can not miss from any table in the United Kingdom on Christmas Day. The recipes vary depending on the households. Some recipes are handed down through numerous generations. The usual ingredients are the following: suet, sweet spices, flour, breadcrumbs, eggs, treacle, ale or brandy. If you are in the United Kingdom, you can not miss to taste this delicious dessert.

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