Useful travel tips to Northern Ireland

Belfast City bus sludgegulper/Flickr

Belfast City bus ©sludgegulper/Flickr

Before traveling to a foreign country, it is good to read about some useful travel tips. If you are planning a journey to Northern Ireland, you’ve found the right article. The following guide will contain useful travel tips to Northern Ireland. It is a magnificent country, including hundreds of fantastic (natural and cultural) tourist attractions, fantastic cities and towns. It is with no doubt a must-visit destination. If you don’t know much about this country, I suggest you to read the following guide. Below I will present you some travel information, including visa requirements, transportation within the country, the local currency, traditional food and drink and some information relating to safe.


As the country of Northern Ireland makes constituent part of the UK, the entry requirements to the country are the same as to England. It is obvious that citizens of the United Kingdom do not need a passport to enter Northern Ireland. The requirements are the same in the case of the Crown Dependencies. If you are a citizen of the European Union, you are not required to have a visa to enter Northern Ireland. You can also have permanent residency on the territory of the entire United Kingdom. Some other countries exempted of visa are the following: Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Argentina, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and so on.

Transportation within the country

If you are planning a trip around Northern Ireland, the most comfortable way to do it is by renting a car. It is good to know that drivers are usually polite and follow the rules of the road. Car rental companies are not as well developed as in Ireland, but still offer great deals especially in Belfast. Public transportation system is very well developed. If you want to visit a respective city and travel around it, you can do it by bus, by tram or by taxi. All of the services are characterized by high quality.

Belfast City bus sludgegulper/Flickr

Belfast City bus ©sludgegulper/Flickr

Local currency

The country uses the same currency as Great Britain does, the Pound Sterling (£).  Banknotes used in Northern Ireland are valid as legal currency all over the UK and should be accepted everywhere. Although, some businesses refuse them. Euros are accepted at some shops and stores in towns like Derry and Newry. In spite of this, I’d suggest you to change your money into the local currency.

Pound sterling .v1ctor.

Pound sterling ©.v1ctor.

Traditional food and drink

Besides the previously mentioned factors, it is good to find out information about the traditional food and drink, because traveling to a foreign country means eating their traditional food. The most popular food is the “Ulster Fry”. Its ingredients are sausages, bacon, eggs, soda bread and potato bread. Another well-known meal is “bangers and mash” of which main ingredient is sausage. Besides, the cuisine is very similar to the UK’s cuisine. As for the drinks, there are numerous pubs all around Northern Ireland. Bushmills whiskey, ales and stouts are the most common drinks.

Ulster Fry adactio/Flickr

Ulster Fry ©adactio/Flickr


There have been some terrorist incidents during the last years in Northern Ireland, but tourists were not the target of these. Northern Ireland is generally a safe country.


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