Useful travel tips to Wales

Cardiff Bay shining.darkness/Flickr

Cardiff Bay ©shining.darkness/Flickr

Wales is an extremely popular holiday destination, having on offer numerous spectacular visitor attractions. These sights include fantastic natural jewels, cultural attractions and wonderful settlements. Whatever you’d choose, you will surely spend a great holiday in this gorgeous country!

If you’ve never been to Wales before, but you would like to visit it on your next holiday and you need some useful travel information, I have good news for you: you’ve found the right article. The following guide will include some useful travel tips to Wales. Below I will present you some information relating to its visitor attractions, the local transportation, some of its fantastic events, the traditional food and drink and so on.

Visitor attractions

As I already mentioned it, Wales is abundant in natural jewels and cultural attractions. Some of the most beautiful cities and towns in Wales are the following: Cardiff, Bangor, Swansea, Wrexham, Conwy, Aberystwyth, Llandudno, Caernarfon and so on. Some of these towns are also popular seaside resorts, including Llandudno and Aberystwyth. If you prefer nature instead of visiting cities, Wales will surely amaze you with its breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders. These attractions include among others: the breathtaking Snowdonia National Park which is considered one of the UK’s most astonishing national parks, the Gower Peninsula, the Brecon Beacons National Park, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the Isle of Anglesey and so on. In case you prefer cultural attractions and landmarks instead of natural ones, I suggest you to visit one of the following: any of the wonderful castles in North Wales, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, any of the numerous museums like the National Museum in Cardiff, the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea and others. As you can see, this wonderful country is abundant in visitor attractions. Which one to choose only depends on your preferences.

Cardiff Bay shining.darkness/Flickr

Cardiff Bay ©shining.darkness/Flickr


Wales is not an enormous country. Driving between South and North Wales for example takes about four hours. If you are traveling by car inside the country, I have some good news for you. The main roads will take you through beautiful landscapes, including Snowdonia. The main roads can be very busy, you have to pay attention. If you choose the train to get from one point to another, you have to plan your trip and find out whether there is possibility to get there by train or not as the Welsh railway system is not well developed at all. The coach service is more popular than the train, but during peak time it might get stuck in traffic. Buses are also used by many in Wales. If you are visiting towns, buses are great choices.

Cardiff bus didbygraham/Flickr

Cardiff bus ©didbygraham/Flickr

Fantastic Welsh events

If you love festivals and events, you will love Wales! Some of the best events held in the country are the following: Brecon Jazz Festival, Dylan Thomas Fringe, Cardiff Singer of the World Competition, International Eisteddfod, Swansea Bay Film Festival, Wakestock and so on. Welsh people love their traditions and they love to celebrate. You will surely love to join them.

Traditional Welsh food and drink

As for the food, lamb is a usual meat in Wales used for many dishes. The quality of the local ingredients is very high. Some of the best dishes in Wales are the following: Laverbread, Roast lamb, Cawl, Welsh Rarebit and others. One of the typical Welsh drinks is whisky. If you love this drink, Wales is the place to go.

Welsh Rarebit tristankenney/Flickr

Welsh Rarebit ©tristankenney/Flickr


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