Visit Britain’s astonishing gardens

Kew Gardens in London rachel in wonderland/Flickr

Kew Gardens in London ©rachel in wonderland/Flickr

If you love to visit gardens on your holiday, willing to visit Great Britain, I have some great news for you. The wonderful country of Great Britain is an excellent tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors yearly. Besides the numerous astonishing landmarks which make this country a top destination, there are some breathtaking parks and gardens here, too.

In the following guide I will present you the most spectacular gardens of the country, spread all over England, Scotland and Wales. Some of these are the following: the Studley Royal in Yorkshire, the Drumlanrig Castle Gardens in Scotland, Kew Gardens in London, the National Botanic Garden of Wales, the Eden Project in Cornwall and so on. Do you find this introduction convincing and would like to visit Britain’s astonishing gardens? I suggest you to read the following information before traveling.

Studley Royal in Yorkshire

Do you love Georgian style? In this case the Studley Royal in Yorkshire is a must for you! Besides the wonderful lawns, the garden present breathtaking Neoclassical statues and water features, not to mention the 12th century ruined abbey and the fantastic deer park. Walk along the wonderful paths and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. Besides, enjoy the nearby Yorkshire countryside.

The Drumlanrig Castle Gardens in Scotland

One of Scotland’s most beautiful gardens is the Drumlanrig Castle Gardens. Covering a huge surface of about 40 acres, the garden is very attractive for visitors. Besides, the castle is also considered one of the country’s most spectacular castles. The highlights of the garden are the beautiful 17th century formal gardens, fantastic woodland and the gorgeous Victorian glasshouse. I am absolutely sure that you will enjoy the visit to this garden.

Kew Gardens in London

As one of Londons’s most beautiful gardens, the Kew Gardens is inscribed on the list o UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and it is a major visitor attraction of the capital city. It presents beautiful flowers and plants from all around the world, not to mention the gorgeous Victorian glasshouses. Besides, there is a wonderful Japanese Garden here and forty fantastic listed buildings.

Kew Gardens in London rachel in wonderland/Flickr

Kew Gardens in London ©rachel in wonderland/Flickr

The National Botanic Garden of Wales

Wales’ National Botanic Garden is a major tourist attraction. Some of the highlights of the garden are the Great Glasshouse, the sculpture garden and some of the rarest trees of Wales. There are some fantastic themed gardens such as the Ghost Forest which is a favorite for the little ones.  

The National Botanic Garden of Wales col&tasha/Flickr

The National Botanic Garden of Wales ©col&tasha/Flickr

The Eden Project in Cornwall

Would you like to experience how is to walk in a rainforest? You don’t have to visit a tropical country. All you have to do is to visit the Eden Project in Cornwall. This fantastic garden presents gigantic tropical plants, olive trees, lemon trees and beautiful waterfalls.

The Eden Project in Cornwall Karen Roe/Flickr

The Eden Project in Cornwall ©Karen Roe/Flickr

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