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As in numerous countries all around the world, there are several World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom, too. Totally, there are 28 sites which were inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites due to their natural beauty, also historical or cultural significance. The capital city of the United Kingdom, London owns four of these spectacular sites which will be presented in the following article. If you would like to visit London’s World Heritage Sites, I suggest you to read the following article before traveling to London. It might help you, as it will contain useful information for tourists, such as the opening hours of the visitor attractions.

Maritime Greenwich

Maritime Greenwich is part of the district of Greenwich which is famous for its significance in maritime history. It has been a World Heritage Site since 1997. Maritime Greenwich includes Greenwich Park, the Victorian and Georgian town centre and numerous buildings along the riverside. There is also a Heritage Centre situated in the Royal Arsenal, on Artillery Square. It was founded in 2003 and contains great collections brought from Greenwich Borough Museum. The centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00. (January 2013)

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich ©ell brown/Flickr

The city of Westminster

It is actually a borough in London which contains three fantastic buildings that were inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites: Westminster Abbey, the Palace of Westminster and St Margaret’s Church. These three spectacular buildings actually form one World Heritage Site since 1987. All of them are extremely popular visitor attractions and famous landmarks of London. The Westminster Abbey is open from Monday to Saturday for visitors from 9:30 until 16:30 (on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), until 19:00 on Wednesdays and until 14:30 on Saturdays. The Palace of Westminster can be visited only by UK residents. Situated on the grounds of the famous abbey, St Margaret’s Church can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 15:30, on Saturdays until 13:30 and on Sundays from 14:00 to 15:00. (January 2013)

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The Royal Botanical Gardens

The fantastic botanical garden was inscribed on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 2003. It is a very popular visitor attraction, attracting thousand and even millions of people yearly. Including about 30.000 species of plants and the largest herbarium of the world, the botanical garden is divided in several parts, such as the Palm House, the Orangery, the Alpine House, the Temperate House, the Waterlily House, numerous gardens, collections, different buildings and even a museum. It opens every day at 9:30. The closing times vary depending on season. (January 2013)

The Tower of London

As one of the most visited attractions of London, the Tower of London is also a major landmark of the city. The astonishing castle is a fantastic World Heritage Site, being located in the city centre. The beautiful castle is open for visitors daily: from 9:00 or 10:00 to 17:30 (between March and October) and from 9:00 or 10:00 until 16:30 (between November and February). (January 2013)

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