Visit the most scenic open spaces in London

St. James's Park GraceKelly/ookaboo

St. James’s Park ©GraceKelly/ookaboo

There are several wonderful open spaces and parks in the beautiful city of London. The open spaces in the city centre include five astonishing Royal Parks and a number of small garden squares. The rest of the city contains further three Royal Parks and several other open spaces and parks of different sizes.

If London is your next holiday destination, after you visited all the worldwide famous cultural sights, I suggest you to visit the most scenic open spaces in London. Not only the buildings of the English capital city can be attractive for visitors, but the green spaces, too. If you love nature, willing to relax after an exhausting day of sightseeing, getting out in one of London’s green spaces is the best choice!

Kensington Gardens

With no doubt one of the most scenic green spaces of London, the astonishing Kensington Gardens is considered one of London’s Royal Gardens. The garden used to be the private garden of the beautiful Kensington Palace. It lies in the western part of the city centre. Together with the Green Park, the Hyde Park and St. James’s Park it forms the “green lung” in the city centre. The wonderful garden is an extremely popular green space for both local people and visitors. Some of the highlights of Kensington Gardens are the Long Water with the Serpentine Bridge, the Italian Garden, the Kensington palace, the Albert Memorial, the Statue of Peter Pan and different other statues and fountains.

Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens A flickr photographer/ookaboo

Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens ©A flickr photographer/ookaboo

Hyde Park

Another Royal Park situated in the city centre is the beautiful Hyde Park. It is considered one of the largest parks of London and also one of its most scenic ones. There are numerous points of interest, including the Crystal Palace, Speaker’s Corner, a beautiful rose garden, several sculptures and the presence of the wonderful Weeping Beech. The park also hosts different events such as concerts, including rock concerts. The park is very popular among local people. I suggest you not to miss it!

The Upside-down tree, Hyde Park Ksanyi/ookaboo

The Upside-down tree, Hyde Park ©Ksanyi/ookaboo

St. James’s Park

The breathtaking St. James’s Park is also a Royal Park of the capital city, being the oldest of its kind. The park is bounded by the beautiful St. James’s Palace and the worldwide famous Buckingham Palace among others. It includes a small picturesque lake named St. James’s Park Lake which presents two small islands. A colony of pelicans living at the lake is among the highlights of the park. There is a blue bridge over the lake which provides stunning views, for example towards the Buckingham Palace.

St. James's Park GraceKelly/ookaboo

St. James’s Park ©GraceKelly/ookaboo

Victoria Park

The huge Victoria Park is situated in the eastern part of London. It hosts numerous events and festivals every year. There are several statues, memorials and fountains on the grounds of the park. It also includes a small pond. The park is beautiful and very attractive for both local people and visitors. It was nicknamed “People’s Park”.

Richmond Park

Last, but not less attractive as the previously mentioned ones, the huge Richmond Park is another beautiful green space of London. It was designated as a Natural Nature Reserve. It is home to numerous lodges and other types of buildings, not to mention the breathtaking plantations. If you would like to visit an astonishing park, do not miss this one! Wild animals also live on the grounds of the park, including the Red deer, rabbits, squirrels, snakes and others. There are also wonderful ponds in the park which make it even more attractive.


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