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Titanic Belfast, exhibition amandabhslater/Flickr

Titanic Belfast, exhibition ©amandabhslater/Flickr

A unique attraction of the capital city of Northern Ireland and even of the entire country is the fantastic Titanic Belfast. I am sure that you’ve heard lots of stories about the famous ship, the Titanic. What you perhaps don’t know is that the Titanic’s shipyard was here, in Belfast. The monument and museum dedicated to the ship is actually located on the site of the former shipyard.

Belfast is an extremely attractive city of the United Kingdom. With lots of interesting sights, it is a major tourist destination. One of its highlights, the Titanic Belfast also drags thousands of visitors. Although it is a quite recent attraction, it is already very famous. In case you are planning a journey this fantastic city, I suggest you to visit the Titanic Belfast. It will surely be a remarkable experience.

About Belfast                       

The largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is a fascinating tourist destination. This large capital city includes dozens of visitor attractions and landmarks. With innumerable Edwardian and Victorian buildings, museums, parks and gardens and other sights, the city is very attractive for tourists. One of its highlights is the fascinating Titanic Belfast, the city being the birthplace of the famous ship.

Belfast is also an important centre of higher education, industry and arts. It is surely a worth visiting city of the UK. 

Titanic Belfast, exhibition amandabhslater/Flickr

Titanic Belfast, exhibition ©amandabhslater/Flickr

About the Titanic

Everyone knows the tragedy of the Titanic. It was a British passenger liner which sank tragically on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, on the 15th of April 1912. She carried over 2.200 passengers and about 1.500 people died in the tragedy. Today the ship is one of the most famous ships in the world.

Split in two pieces, the wreck of the ship remains on the seabed. Discovered in 1985, the wreck offered numerous artefacts for museums all around the world.

Titanic Belfast amandabhslater/Flickr

Titanic Belfast ©amandabhslater/Flickr

The Titanic Belfast

One of the highlights of the city, the Titanic Belfast is a major visitor attraction. Opened in 2012, the monument and museum is dedicated to the tragedy of the famous Titanic and the maritime past of the city. It can be found on Queen’s Island, on the site of the former shipyard. Including a series of galleries, the monument drags thousands of visitors.

There are totally nine interactive and interpretative galleries here which present the city at the beginning of the 20th century and the voyage of the Titanic. Some of the galleries are the following: “The Shipyard”, “The Launch”, “The Maiden Voyage”, “The Sinking”, “Titanic Beneath” and so on. If you are interested in the tragedy of the Titanic, you can not miss to visit this fantastic attraction.

Titanic Belfast, interior part amandabhslater/Flickr

Titanic Belfast, interior part ©amandabhslater/Flickr

Visitor information

The Titanic Belfast can be visited April to September daily from 9:00 to 19:00 and October to March daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Tickets are based on a timed ticketing. Slots are available every 20 minutes. The museum includes a restaurant, a café and a souvenir shop, too. (July 2013)

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