Visit the unique Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham

St. Paul’s Church, photo by ell brown/Flickr

For those who would like to visit unique places on their holiday, the spectacular Jewellery Quarter is the best destination. It is an area in the city of Birmingham. The beautiful city can be found in the center of England and attracts dozens of tourists each year. Many of them also visit the outstanding quarter which is considered the biggest and most significant concentration of jewelry businesses in Europe. It is also one of the most significant industrial heritage sites of the continent. Since the 1980’s the importance of tourism had been grown. Today, the area is a major tourist destination, offering the visitors some gorgeous attractions.

St. Paul’s Square and St. Paul’s Church

A famous landmark of the area is the fantastic Georgian square, St. Paul’s Square. The square got its name after the church which is located in its centre. It was built in the late 18th century, being a popular location during the 19th century. Beginning with the last years of the 19th century, there were constructed many buildings, factories and stores on the square. Later, in the 1970’s the square was restored. Besides the beautiful church of St. Paul, there are numerous places of interest occupying the square today, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and so on. St. Paul’s Church which was consecrated in the late 18th century nowadays attracts many visitors. It is a beautiful church with an outstanding stained glass window.

St. Paul’s Church, photo by ell brown/Flickr


The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

The fantastic free tourist attraction contains fine collections relating to the history of the Jewellery Quarter. There is also a workshop in the museum. It used to be a private property factory where they produced jewels for more than 80 years. Today the museum is a popular tourist attraction. There are one-hour guided tours during which visitors can admire live demonstrations on jewellery making. They can also buy fantastic handmade jewels at the museum’s shop. The museum is open all year around.

Warstone Lane Cemetery

The weird tourist attraction, Warstone Lane Cemetery is also known as Mint Cemetery or Brookfields Cemetery. The fantastic cemetery dates from 1874. The main highlights of the cemetery are the two tiers of catacombs. The cemetery is considered a site of Special Historic Interest. There are numerous graves of notable people on the grounds of the cemetery, such as John Baskerville, Dr. Pye Chavasse, James Cooper VC and so on.

Warstone Lane Cemetery Lodge, photo by ell brown/Flickr

The Chamberlain Clock

It is considered one of the most significant historical landmarks of the quarter. The beautiful clock tower stands at the intersection of the quarter’s main streets. The clock was erected in the honor of Joseph Chamberlain, in 1903. During the 1980’s the clock needed reparation and it was also recently restored. Today, it is one of the most popular attractions of the Jewellery Quarter.

The Chamberlain Clock, photo by ell brown/Flickr


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