Visit the wonderful Peak District

Chatsworth House, photo by drumminhands/Flickr

The beautiful upland area named Peak District lies in England, occupying the central and northern part of it. It was designated a national park in 1951 which made it the United Kingdom’s first national park. This fantastic area is characterized by a great biodiversity. The park is easily accessible from such big cities like Sheffield or Manchester. Due to the magnificent tourist attractions and activities, the park attracts millions of visitors each year. Not only the national park, but the whole upland area of Peak District is very popular among tourists. There are great attractions in the area, such as fantastic spa towns, picturesque villages, historic buildings, museums and so on.

Matlock Bath

It is a beautiful spa town situated in Derbyshire, within the Peak District area. The warm springs were discovered in 1698 and later it was built a Bath House in the town. Since then tourism is under improvement, being today one of the major financial sources of the town. Besides the warm springs, there are also other tourist attractions in or nearby Matlock Abbey, such as the Heights of Abraham, the Peak District Mining Museum, the Gulliver’s Kingdom theme park, a museum of photography and lens and even an aquarium. All these attractions are very popular among tourists. The town is also famous for being a meeting spot for motorcyclists, but canoeing is also an attractive activity here, due to the presence of the Derwent River.

View from the Heights of Abraham, photo by Michael D Beckwith/Flickr

Chatsworth House

As for the historic buildings of the Peak District, Chatsworth House is one of the best-known houses. The beautiful stately home is situated in North Derbyshire and is very popular among visitors. The house is set in magnificent landscape, being surrounded by magnificent wooded hills. The house is home to spectacular collection of furniture, paintings, sculptures, drawings, artifacts and books. Beautiful parkland surrounds the house which is also very attractive to visitors.

Chatsworth House, photo by drumminhands/Flickr


Castleton is a picturesque village located within the area of Peak District. Its main highlights are the Peveril Castle and the four fantastic show caves. Peveril Castle is a medieval castle of which ruins overlook the village. Castleton is a very attractive village for tourists, housing besides the tourist attractions, several pubs, guest houses and tea shops. There are also several walking routes starting from the village. The tiny village is a popular destination for nature-lovers and fans of walking.

Derwent Valley Mills

The wonderful World Heritage Site is situated in Derbyshire. It is a complex of settlements, mill complexes, weirs and transport network. There are also fantastic museums in the complex of Derwent Valley Mills. The site covers an area of about 12 km² and includes a large number of over 800 houses. Derwent Valley Mills complex is very attractive among visitors and attracts dozens of tourists.

Poole’s Cavern

The 2 million year-old cave is situated nearby Buxton. The limestone cave is a site of Special Scientific Interest. It includes fantastic stalactites and stalagmites and is very attractive among visitors. A total length of 310 m is open to the public. One of the highlights of the cavern is the “Flitch of Bacon” formation. It is surely worth visiting it.

Poole’s Cavern, photo by jayneandd/Flickr

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