Visitor attractions in County Down, Northern Ireland

Scrabo Tower and Newtownards in the background

Scrabo Tower and Newtownards in the background ©

As one of Northern Ireland’s six counties, County Down is situated in the south-eastern part of it. It is a quite large county, occupying a surface of about 2.500 km². There are numerous cities, towns and picturesque villages in County Down, including a part of Belfast, too. Besides the settlements, there are several visitor attractions here, ranging from natural attractions to cultural ones. If you would like to visit the region and you are interested in the visitor attractions in County Down, all you have to do is to read the following article. I will present you the most spectacular tourist attractions which are with no doubt worth visiting sites.


Parts of the south and east of the capital city of Northern Ireland lie on the surface of County Down. Belfast is a magnificent city, being a major tourist destination. There are several outstanding visitor attractions in this beautiful city, including the fantastic Edwardian and Victorian buildings. The most beautiful landmarks of Belfast are the following: the City Hall, the Big Wheel, the Waterfront Hall, the Lyric Theatre, St Anne’s Cathedral and so on. Besides, there are beautiful parks and gardens in the city, including the botanical garden and the zoo.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall ©


Just like Belfast, Newry also lies on the surfaces of two counties: County Antrim and County Down. There are numerous attractions in Newry, including several churches, museums and other buildings. St Patrick’s Church and Newry Cathedral are the most notable of the churches. Another beautiful landmark of the city is the Town Hall.

Ards Peninsula

As one of the natural attractions of County Down, the Ards Peninsula is extremely popular among visitors due to the several amazing attractions. Newtownards and Portaferry are the major settlements on the peninsula. Newtownards is a beautiful town situated about 16 km of Belfast. It is home to numerous sites which are worth visiting. Some of the attractions are located outside the town, just like the well-known Scrabo Tower, the beautiful Mount Stewart and Somme Heritage Centre. The small town of Portaferry is also very attractive for visitors, being notable for the Northern Ireland Aquarium – Exploris and the Portaferry Castle. Besides the settlements of the peninsula, there are other places of interest here, including Grey Abbey, a Cistercian Priory in ruins.

Scrabo Tower and Newtownards in the background

Scrabo Tower and Newtownards in the background ©


The picturesque village of Crawfordsburn is also a very attractive place. It is famous for being the home of one of the oldest hostelries in Ireland, the Old Inn. The 17th century hostelry is extremely popular among visitors. Another fantastic site of this tiny village is the Crawfordsburn Country Park which is notable for the two best beaches of the area. As you can see, there are dozens of fantastic visitor attractions in County Down which are undoubtedly worth visiting sights.

Crawfordsburn Country Park

Crawfordsburn Country Park ©


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