Where to drink the best draught in UK

Now that you know what’s some of the best grub in the UK, you will probably want to wash it down with some good old fashioned draught beer. Pubs are just as popular in the UK as in Ireland, so you won’t have trouble finding a place where you can snack on some fish and chips and wet your throat with some beer. But what’s great about pubs in the UK is that many of them have their own signature draught that you can’t find anywhere else. Here’s a list of places where you can drink the best draught in the UK. And even if you end up drinking your usual, it’s the place where you drink it and the company that matter the most.

1. The Mason’s Arms, Headington, Oxford

Mason’s Arms in Headington is home to the Old Bog microbrewery, whose name is not misleading at all. Bog is slang for toilet in British English, and the brewery was constructed in the place of some old outdoor toilets. The brewery has been functioning only for 5 years or so, but it already has a very good reputation among microbreweries. Some of its most liked brews are Quarry W-reck-ed’ at 5.5% and ‘Half Wit’ (5%).

2. Fox and Crown, Nottingham

The Fox and Crown pub is where you can find the brews of Nothingham’s Alcazar Brewery, famous for its cask ales. Alcazar comes up with very creative names for its drinks, for example Vixen’s Vice at 5%, or India Pale Ale Windjammer IPA (6.0%). They also have bottled beer inspired by Robin Hood, who supposedly roamed the forests of Nothingham in the Middle Ages: Bowman’s Bounty and Little John’s Myth.

3. Swan on the Green, Maidstone, Kent

The Swan on the Green is hasn’t gotten its name just to attract customers, it actually is located next to a beautiful cricket green. In summer, you can sit on the green and enjoy ale brewed right at the Swan, and if the weather gets rainy you can huddle inside and enjoy the pub’s traditional charm. Their brews include Bewick (5.3%) and cask conditioned Trumpeter Best Bitter (4.0%).

4. The Evening Star, Brighton

At the Evening Star, you can find drinks brewed by Dark Star microbrewery, whose headquarters used to be at the pub but were moved to nearby Ansty. However, the brewery still supplies the pubs with its excellent Hophead bitter (3.8%). They also have a very nice selection of ciders, and at Christmastime there’s the Critical Mass (7.2%) Christmas ale.

5. The Old Cannon Brewery, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

If you want to be as close as possible to your beer from its very beginnings, at the Old Cannon you can look at the huge steel brewing cylinders placed right next to the bar.  They have several brews (definitely some of the best draught in the UK), including Old Cannon Best Bitter (3.8%) or Gunner’s Daughter (5.5%) and also one of the best bitters in Suffolk’s – Adnam’s bitter.

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